Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Walk In the Woods

I was in the woods next to Lake Hodgson a found some interesting photo opportunities.

I have added some of the past American Idol contestants to serenade us.

This little pine is trying to grow at the base of another tree. It looks like it's doing well. Click it to see it better.

I found this tree that reminded me of a Wild Turkeys claw, what do you think?
I'm not sure but from the color it might just be Shreks' foot. That is one long toe!!! This fallen tree that the animals had been working on interested me.

Can you see the old man in the log? I think the variance of the colors on the trees in the woods were outstanding.


imac said...

Hi Fishing Guy, This walk of yours in the woods is just great, I love all the trees and the face yup - I did find him with his long nose, but I must agree - the colours are fantastic and this post is 1st class post.

Old Wom Tigley said...

I enjoyed these,

No.2 Yes I agree with you on the Turkey Claw

No.3 I'll give you Shrek with an enlarged toe... maybe Donkey stood on it ;o)

No. 4 I can see a face in the trunk, the green frond being a hand near the mouth of a tree creature.

No 5 I can not see an old man, but I can see a baby in the womb on the bottom right.

Sometime looking is not enough, it's more fun 'Seeing'.

Stacey Huston said...

Wonderful walk.. I think I saw the old man.. LOL..Had to wait till the music was over before I could comment. Had not heard some of these songs.. thanks ...I will try to get some on the antler pics ready for mike to post..

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

It's always nice to take a walk in the woods... I try to make it a law (well, at least in my little world)to take a walk every weekend!
These photos are terrific. The one tree did look like a turkey's claw.. . made me smile.
The colors are fantastic. The little baby pine hugging close by the others for support is very nice... great post!

Sandy said...

I really enjoyed that "walk" with you through the woods. I could definitely see the things you saw in the trees.

Jack and Joann said...

Hi Fishing Guy, I liked your walk in the woods. Thanks for visiting my blog
and leaving a comment. Now what's happening with the Cavs?

***Fotografia e Luz*** said...

beautiful image of these very well photographed toncos