Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camera Critters 8

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

I spotted this hawk in a tree on the way to work. I thought it was a Red Tailed Hawk but it had a strange look when I looked at the picture. There was no Red Tail. We have a lot of Red Tailed Hawks in the area. During a conversation with a friend they said that there were Red Shouldered Hawks in her area. The light bulbs went off in my head and I took another look at the picture when I got home. I checked the Internet for Red Shouldered Hawks.

So, I present you with this Red Shouldered Hawk as my Camera Critter of the day. He disappeared into the woods after one picture but I had seized this moment to snap the picture.

This is one beautiful bird. I'm so glad I can share it with you.

The Goslings Are Growing

The sweet little Canadian Goose Goslings from just a few weeks ago are getting bigger. The parents still closely guard them. They work along the shore finding things to eat.
I think they are still cute and they are really getting the look of the Canadian Goose.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sky Watch Friday 5-30

It's Sky Watch Friday and it's your chance to post your Sky pictures and go to Wiggers World to join.

I went to the British Invasion of Kent, Ohio and started to see the reflections on the cars. It was a beautiful day with a bright sun, cloudy sky, great setting and shiny cars. I must admit once I started looking around I had to keep going and have chosen some of my favorites. You can see the cars on this post.

Here is the Red,
the White
and the Blue.
So many other cars to share. Green
Red and on the street a Green MGB. Click on this one and see Sky all over.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kenny Chesney - Poets and Pirates Tour 2008 part 2

The next act at the concert was Keith Urban. He had a bigger screen on the stage and you could get some great close-ups. I'm sure the women who read this will be happy. He loves his guitar and has it with him most of the time.
The stands were full and the stage was set.
He could really react to the crowd.
He did a guitar duet on stage which went over well.
I loved this camera shot, it felt like you were right behind him. We would have been on the highest level on the other side.
Keith finished and a girl that had a life long dream to start a wave a Cleveland Stadium took her shot, sorry she couldn't do it. She had fun trying.
The Muckleheads moved in with a cold wind. I had made a joke posting about muckleheads during the Indians Yankee series last year. The post before this one was the set up for it.
They are a bug from Lake Erie that doesn't bite.
They landed on our friends hand and here is the size.
The seagulls kept circling until dark, click to see them better.
Kenny Chesney got ready and the darkness moved in.
The lights were on and the towers were lit.
The light show started and Kenny started to sing.
Kenny was in good voice.
The lights and crowd and noise spelled full excitement.
A fun night and we left early and missed the traffic. The only problem was the Indians baseball game left out and we had to detour around the traffic. I hope you enjoyed the concert.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kenny Chesney - Poets and Pirates Tour 2008 part 1

The venue Cleveland Browns Stadium. My player music has the main singers from the concert after Lee Greenwood. This is part one of the show. The fans in the cheap seats, $25 tickets in the upper deck.
Fishing Guys Wife with and friends in good form.
The main show started at 3:00 and ran into the night.
Opening act was a local group but the true opener was Gary Allen from CA. We saw him at the Quicken Loans Arena last year with Keith Urban.
He has a great sound and I really enjoy him so it was a great beginning to the show.
He sang his repertoire with much gusto.
The next act was Leann Rimes. She was belting out the songs. I love her song "Blue", I thought she had a Patsy Cline sound but she has moved away in to a more rocking country sound.
She has been in the business from a young age and knows how to entertain.
Her stage presence was shown here when she sang "Blue' and received big cheers.
Her set was similar to Gary's and they only had a portion of the stage.
She put on a Browns shirt and got some fan appreciation.
The next act was Sammy Hagar a former Van Halen singer. Why was he here? We went out and got something to eat. There was a lot of noise from the instruments. The only good part were the girls in bikini that came out, no pictures guys (I wasn't ready).

Rate the Venue Go here to see the rating system.
Rating for "The Cleveland Stadium" - Cleveland, Ohio A-2 B-3 C-4 D-4 E-3 F-1 G-3 = 20/28
(A-2 $20 close-up) (F-1 rating reason Bottle of $4 Pop - $7 Beer - $3 T-shirts)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 5.26.08

This being our Memorial Day I pay tribute to all the men and women who fought for our freedom. The British were the ones who populated our country in the beginning but we turned on them and they invaded us but the USA prevailed. Thankfully, we are now allies in the fight against those who would take our freedoms.

The British invaded Kent this weekend. They picked a beautiful day to make the invasion. The cars made a backdrop for the remembering of our flag of freedom.

The RED, the WHITE
and the Blue.
It was held at the grounds of the Masonic Center. I did a post on this building before.
There were about a hundred cars. The building was decorated with the colors and the American Flag was flying.

The most interesting car to me was this 1959 Morris Minor.
This bright green Spider 1500 made quite the show.
When I think of British cars of the 50's and 60's this green sports car such as this Austin Healey comes to mind.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Camera Critters 7

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

Perfect timing, I was driving to work between the horse stables and the muskrat lake and as I came around a bend, what to my wondrous eyes appear. Why it's Santa's reindeer, well okay, there are three White Tail Doe Deer.
The deer were unfazed by me.
I was able to stop the car on this lightly travelled road and get this close-up.
The moment passed very quickly as they moved away.
In a few minutes they were gone and I went on my way to work.
I had seized the moment.