Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Received a Blog Award

It's called "A Roar For Powerful Words" and I received it from one of my favorite bloggers, Mr. Chinchilla. A special big thank you to Mr. Chinchilla. I love the way he shares his life, in and out of the cage, with us. I also enjoy the way he digs into other people blogs with his interviews. I read him daily and am always surprised when I get there.
The rules say that I have to give three bits of advice to other bloggers and then I get to nominate five more for the award. It isn't to hard to nominate five others for the award but giving advise may be harder.

Blogging advice from the Fishing Guy:

1. This is your blog so write on what you enjoy. This experience is as much for you as others. I have tried to sprinkle my blog with Fishing, Outdoors and Country Music along with a lot of other fun things.

2. Include pictures when you can. A picture does tell some stories that are harder to tell with only words. There are some great writers out there but I personally like to see pictures.

3. Tie your blog world friends into your blog. If you aren't reading others blog spots you are missing a big part of the blog experience. Don't be afraid to comment on what others write so they know you are interested in what they are doing.

Here are my nominees.

1. Rick Lee Here is a blog that is well known for the great pictures. He posts picture that arte of interest to him. He doesn't have to write a lot because his picture say so much.

2. Scott Wynn's Window Scott is a great writer of words. He is truly eloquent in his thoughts. His job is talking on the radio so his writings reflects thought he shares at his work.

3. Jo Castillo Art Blog Jo is a great artist out of the Texas and does a great job of sharing her life and art through her blog.

4. Round The Bend Carletta is new to the blog world but she has done a great job of sharing her new life after returning to her West Virginia home. She likes to share with pictures also.

5. McFly's Nashville Minute George researches what is going on in Nashville. Since I'm a big country music person I like to see his blogs about the life of the country music stars.


Mr. Chinchilla said...

I know I'm only a silly little chinchilla, but I am certainly glad that you blog, Fishing Guy. Thanks for sharing.

Carletta said...

Fishing Guy: Am I really worthy!! Just wanted to say thanks for the award and the mention. It's hard to find the exact words to say - sort of a Wordless Wednesday :)Thanks Bunches!

fishing guy said...

Mr. C: You are certainly my favorite rodent.

Carletta: You certainly deseved the award.

Shark Girl said...

That reminds me, I got the award from jedijawa and I forgot to respond. Doh!

Item #1 should be to check your email more often, and flag the ones you have to answer, then blog in a timely manner.

I like your writing advice FG.