Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Potpourri of Photos

My grass got a little long because of the vacation time. The rabbit in the backyard thought it was nice and did a little trimming. It likes the clover in the yard. The Giant Blue Hostas is in bloom. It definitely puts out the best blooms of the Hostas family.
The Calla Lilies are in full bloom.
I have two types the pink,
and the yellow. This one had a visitor which I shot.
Here is another with a teeny Grasshopper.
My Double Red Begonias also had a visitor,
it was a lightning Bug.
Here he is face on crawling on the flower.
I certainly had a nice trip around the house.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camera Critters #12 Part 1 of 3

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

I just made a trip to Florida and wanted to share some of my bird captures.

I wonder if you remember last week I had a Turkey Buzzard in Ohio. I offer you from Florida the Black Vulture. They are great actors. How in the world did I get up here?
They gathered around for a discussion group. The one decides he is the big shot. Well I'm not listening to him.
Oh well, he is kind of cute.
This one was rather stately on the dock.
There is no red head on the Black Vulture.

Camera Critters #12 Part 2 of 3

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

Here are some more from a trip to Florida.

This is the Snowy Egret. He did a nice job of posing.
This is a beautiful bird.
He kept his eye on me.
Then he finally became frazzled from the clicking.
And off he went to get away.
I really enjoyed this bird.

Camera Critters #12 Part 3 of 3

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

These are just for fun. I thought I was shooting a duck, no bill or webbed feet. No wonder it can hold on in this position. I didn't know its name. Maybe Lin or Klaus knows it. They are near the sea birds and show them very well. Well Klaus solved my problem with the name, it's a Common Moorhen. Certainly not common to us up North.
A Florida Blue Jay on SPEED.
Here's another one, they were as big as crows. The female wasn't crow looking. I think they are Boat Tailed Grackles.
This one decided to take a quick shower.
The Seagulls flew right over where we were eating.
Hey Mable "What time does this come on?".
Quoth the Raven "Nevermore".

I'm very reflective when I walk on water, a Killdeer.
Do you like my poses?
I'm very good looking.
It was morning when we saw the Mourning Dove.
Hope you had fun.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Florida Sunset

It's Sky Watch Friday and it's your chance to post your Sky pictures and go to Wiggers World to join. Why don't you get a photo of the sky and join in.

A trip to the beach is mandatory when you are visiting Florida. I took this on the Gulf of Mexico.
The sun was putting on a nice show.
We left before sunset and i got some nice cloud shots as we headed home.

This cloud was lit by the sun over the horizon and lighting up the sky.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some More Small Animal Captures

My Brother-In-Law and I went out trying to get some bird pictures (and we did) but how could the Fishing Guy skip a fish pictures. This was taken at the boat dock. You can see the high Florida sun putting a shadow on the launching ramp. There were at least eight of these fish about 6" long and are called Needle Fish.
We were standing on the dock, which is the white in the corner of the picture, as I captured the Needle Fish.
We went to a beach and saw many holes. some of them had little balls of sand near them. I finally saw what was in the holes and got a few pictures. The hole is 1/2" and the crabs are 1" wide.
This one had a large claw and a great color.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Small Animal from Florida

We are back from Florida and my SD Card has a lot of pictures. This one posed on the down spout at our relatives house. Thanks for all your comments on the fun post I did on the run down shack down the road from their home.

I am showing tonight one of the smaller Florida animals the brown Anole.
Thanks to Klaus I could fix the name.

I was able to get in close-up and see him clearly.
This one was a little larger and the first time I saw him was very skittish.
The second time I saw him he took his stand in his home area.
I did get him a little mad so he showed his red colors to let me know he was a tough little guy.
I enjoyed them and they take care of the smaller bugs around the outside of the house.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Visiting Florida

My wife and I are really lucky when we come to Florida because we are able to stay at the relatives palatial estate. They were really lucky to get this place at a steal in the Florida market. It is a real fixer-upper and they have only been there for 5 years and the repairs are slow. If you click on the picture you can see the wonderful setup a guest house and maids quarters on the rear portion of the property. They have 50 acres of swamp land directly behind the house. It is located on Atlantic Way in Weekie Wachee , FL (which is quite famous for it's Mermaid Show at the Water Park).

I hope you can see the fine TV/Computer tower on the front of the house which is my communications system with the world. Here is the guest building in which we stay at night. It has a cool breeze at night from the swamp. You should hear the great serenade you get from the alligators during the night. The only thing that worries me a little is the Black Bear Crossing Sign down the road. We haven't seen one yet but who knows.
It sure is nice to have a place you can drop in and feel so comfortable from the moment you arrive. Thanks Brother and Sister-in-law for a great place to visit.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camera Critters # 11

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

I was driving my favorite road and noticed something in the hay field. What was that black animal? Was it something I wanted to be captured?

Well, the answer is yes. The Turkey Vultures are always circling but I haven't gotten a really good picture of one.
I took several shots from the car, then got out to get a little closer. They are a homely looking bird.
He finally got mad at me being there and took off. Here is the great thing about this picture, he went over a Blackbird which wasn't very happy. The Blackbird chased the Turkey vulture into the woods and I got to see a great show. Click to enlarge to see the Blackbird near the ground a little better.
Hope you all have a great Camera Critters.