Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Flowers #17

My friends Luiz, Denise and Pupo run the Today's Flowers Meme, check it out. Come and join with your flower photos. Sunday at 7GMT is the post time.

My daughter has a Hibiscus Tree in the front of her house. I has a white flower with a red heart.
It is a really neat flow.
I saw these Hibiscus Bushes while driving from work. The size of the flowers were impressive.
The one is all white and really neat.
The other Hibiscus Bush is a pink one.
It is quite stunning with the darker pink in the center.
That is my Today's Flowers offering, go out and visit some other great flower sites.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Camera Critters #34

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

I have seen a lot of deer lately. This was in my back yard. Some of you know I live in the city and this is the third time I have seen deer in the back yard this year. My wife has seen them a couple of times beside these times. We do have a little wild area in our back yard.
This was a beautiful doe with a fine winter coat that stood out against the snow.
She gave me one neat pose then moved back into the woods.
It was two weeks back at dusk and I saw ten deer out in a cut hay field. Here are six of them. This was before the snows started.
There were three more to the right of the group and one single one. they were all does or fawns.
The night before Thanksgiving the grandchildren and we were coming back to our house from traditional pre-Thanksgiving dinner and sleep over. They all assist my wife with cooking. Golf boy even makes the pies and Princess is the her constant companion in the kitchen. I spotted deer beside the rode at the golf course driving range. Luckily I was able to pull into the golf course parking lot and aim my headlights on the four deer. I think you can make out three of them.
They were feeding on the grass through the snow.
A mile down the road I spotted a loan deer in the field. The wife and grand kids were able to see a good rack on the deer. I couldn't get my headlights onto this one and it was too dark to capture the silhouette. I hope you enjoyed my Fall/Winter deer captures.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Flight from Dallas to Cleveland

My daughter flew in for a visit on Thanksgiving day. I went to the airport to get her. She flew in on American Airlines which was to land at 3:15. At 3:08 I was on the exit ramp a mile from the airport and what do I see but an AA plane coming to land. Since it was Thanksgiving Day and the traffic was light I was sure it was my daughters plane. She said they got quit the show as this approach takes you out over Lake Erie to land. We have had gray skies all week but the sun had come out and the weather had improved. It was her flight and the only AA flight that landed at that time
She had asked me for no snow and I explained I had no control over the weather. She told me she went over my head and asked the man upstairs for a change. We have had two great days so far but what they are predicting now she may need more intersession.
It has been a great visit so far and the ladies are out Black Friday shopping all day. I was out first and picked up a couple of things and was home by 7AM.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #20

I would like to wish all my American visitors and friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sky Watch Friday has on it's own site. Please check out the site and link in if you wish to participate. There were 346 people last week with beautiful Sky photos. You can link in from my side bar or at the start of this post.

This week has been dark and dreary so I take you back to directly after the World Series of Baseball in Philadelphia and the MetLife Blimp was coming back to Akron, Ohio along Interstate 80 through Pennsylvania and Ohio. The MetLife Blimp is a neat site in the sky. I spotted it as I came up Interstate 60 in Pennsylvania.
I got almost right under it as it crossed the interstate highway.
We traveled along Interstate 80 through Pennsylvania and Ohio for a while.
To keep my skies interesting with another flying sight I will show you a small airplane flying over my house. We are not far from the Kent State Airport.
This was a flock of geese at a small pond when a group of them took to the wing

They had just taken off so they were quite unorganized.
That's my sky show for the day so go out and see some other great skies from around the world.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Potpourri and an Award

I wish all my friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day in the USA. One of my friends Carolyn has written an outstanding post on a gift given for Thanksgiving. Take the time to read through this one.

Here are some varied photos from the year:
This is a shot at the golf course from the day when my 13 year old grand son beat me golfing. This shot was to 10 foot from the pin. It was over a lake that came up next to the green. I put it at 12 feet and was able to win this hole with the putt. He had me eight down with eight holes to play and I was able to cut it to four down by the end of the round but I was easily defeated. Oh, the agony of defeat with a smile on your face. How can you be disappointed when they play well.
How do you like the form he is showing on this swing. This is his 10 year old cousin, number three grandson, who is learning the game. We road together on the cart and had a good time. He showed me the Cicada in the tree that did a neat job for the camera.
This is Soccer Boy as he cleaned off the deck last week. We had 12" of snow last week.

He works hard and even worked on the railing.

He moved down to the boat and climbed on top and worked on the snow.

That kick cleared a lot of snow. He enjoys fishing and also this fun stuff.

I got an award last week that I'm posting.

Ms. Hays has given my site the "Hot Blog Award" - I thank her so much for visiting my site, and for passing this award to me. I enjoy her site and so the award is an added bonus. She has joined several of the Meme's in which I am contributing.

I pass it along to the following Hot Blogs.

1. Carolyn for her neat bird blog and interesting posts.
2. Betsy for her neat stories of life.
3. Thomas for his neat photographic site from India- a must see to believe.
4. Amila for photogray of the animal life from Sri Lanka - check out this site.
5. Becky for her neat stories.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let It Snow

We are having a winter wonderland in Kent, Ohio. We almost had all the snow melted away and from a slow rain all day bur things are changing today. This is my mailbox and paper tubes after last weeks snow storm
The house was decorated for Winter.
The garage took on a special appeal.
Today the salt trucks were out spreading the streets because we are to freeze tonight.
I got pretty close as the truck slowed down for a School Bus. This is a mixture of snow and salt as they both come down onto the streets.
I thought this field gave the feel of the conditions we are under today.
Winter could be here to stay. I wonder what my daughter from Mexico will thinks when she arrives from the sunny South.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My World #6

This is the sixth posting for the My World meme . It is hosted by Klaus, Ivar,Sandy, Wren, Louise and myself. Last week there were 116 people showing their worlds to us. Won't you join in, I want to see where you live and thrive. Here is part of 'My World'.

I'm going to share two old building in Kent, Ohio on Route 43N. The first is an old six story Franklin Silk Mill built in the 1830's which has been converted from a a mill into businesses and apartments. This was the first water operated silk mill in Ohio and sits directly on the banks of the Cuyahoga River (Ki-a-hoe-ga w/short a's) . This is also directly across the street from the Kent Public Library we visited last week. There was the addition of a garage on the side which is highly decorated in plaster as you will see.
It is very easy to see the difference between the original construction and the present construction.
This is the side view of the garage area.
Here is that decorated part of the garage I had mentioned.

I went around back and took a view of the side. You can see how low the building is to the street.
Please note the large block construction on the base and the brick top. There is a retaining wall along the street and part of it is cut out from natural stone.
If you look down over the hill you see the place in the Cuyahoga River where the Silk Mill received its power.
The second building I want to show you was the original office building for the Franklin Silk Mill built in the late 1830's which is just up the street from the mill. It is now a Franklin Township Hall. James A. Garfield was nominated for State Senate in 1859 in the building. He became the 20Th President of the USA in 1881 and was assassinated after 4 months in office and died two months later at the age of 49 just short of his 50Th birthday. He was the second President assassinated, Abe Lincoln being the first.

It has a neat design with the double chimneys and the copula with the brass top. This is on the opposite side of the street and faces Brady's Leap Park on the Cuyahoga River.

Kent does have some history from when Ohio was a wild land. Ohio became a state in 1803.
Why don't you link in or go visit the rest of the world as shown by my friends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's Flowers # 16

My friends Luiz, Denise and Pupo run the Today's Flowers Meme, check it out. Come and join with your flower photos. Sunday at 7GMT is the post time.

I bought the wife some pink roses with Babies Breath and took advantage of new flowers to post. The roses are a dark pink with a light pink outside. I tried a few artistic looks at the flower. This was cropped and the background colored black.
I had the above photo turned into a charcoal sketch.
This is a single rose close-up from above and cropped.
The final one is a side view close-up. Roses are neat flowers. I do hope you enjoyed them and you can see a lot of neat flowers by going on a trip through the world of flowers.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Camera Critters #33

Camera Critters by Misty Dawn, go here to see who's participating.

I was out driving on a cold snowy day and there was a tree directly in front of me as I came to a tee in the road. I set my car in position to get a few shots of the tree.
There were two black squirrels in the Crab-apple Tree.
There was one that was a little lighter then the other.
This is the really a black colored Black Squirrel.
He was eating the little apples and working hard to get satisfied for the day.
The thing I hadn't realized is that there was a Grey Squirrel further up the tree.
The next day during a snow storm there was one of the Black Squirrels back in the tree. I was able to get my car in a better position and was able to get some neat photos.
He was busy working on the little apples so he didn't mind. You can see all the snow on it's back.
I hope you enjoyed the trip with my area squirrels, now go visit some of the other neat places showing their critters.