Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friendship Award

I recieved an award from Marie of Heimdal form Norway for making friendly comments on her sight. I feel comments are the life blood of blogging. The unique feature of this award is that he is not tied to performance, but for friendship.
I made a list below my new blogging friends, they give me joy in my life everyday. They also have great sites. Is there someone who has visited frequently and writes a comment on your work, if so you can give them an award. Take a look through each one and enjoy their sites. I have made a link to all so click on the name to make a visit.


Jack & Joann

Fish Wisperer






I hope each of you pass it on to your friends.


kjpweb said...

That's nice! Congratulations!
Cheers, Klaus

Carletta said...

Congrats Fishing Guy!
I too visit some of your choices. I will need to check out the rest.

The Birdlady said...

Very appropriate reward for you. Congratulations.

Luke Wiley said...

This is such a nice idea for an award. comments are the lifeblood of blogging. It's very nice of you to pass the award along!

Jack and Joann said...

First, congratulations Fishing Guy for your award. Second, thank you for mentioning Jack and I as a site you visit and for creating a link to our site. Third, you made our day!

tipper said...

Congrats to you!! You so deserve it for leaving great comments everywhere you go!

And thank you for the shout out to me!! You not only make my blog better by leaving super comments on it-you make my life better too and I'm glad you are in it!

Shionge said...

This is so sweet & nice of you FG :D

Lawstude said...

wow. i appreciate this award FG. thank you very much. more than the award, it's your friendship that truly counts now. have a great day my friend.

Stacey Huston said...

A well deserved award FG.. congrats

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Thanks Fishing Guy for this present!

It's in my blog now!!



imac said...

My friend Fishing Guy, I thank you from the bottom of my Heart for thinking of me for this beautiful award.
As a rule - (I have on my blog a no meme) that has rules of nominating so many and passing on to so many more and stating rules for this and that.)BUT from you this is not so, So I except your beautiful award and most Honoured that you thought of me.
A ND I must say that your blog is so bril to read and to look at with your most excelent posts.
Altho I am on a partly blog break and not visiting my friends, I have not forgotten you all.
I an however participating in Skywatch.
I look forward to your intro tonight.
I will start blogging sometime in October fully.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, thank you. I do appreciate it very much. I am honored.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Congrats on the award! :-)

Fish Whisperer said...

FG, Fisrt let me say I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. As you know I have moved from my little slice of paradise to the suburbs and the transition has been long and hard to say the least. I just got internet today and have started to catch up. Congrats on the friendship award and thank you from the bottom of my heart for think me a friend. Because of you and you wonderful blog, I have met many people and learned plenty about blogging. I love your sit and consider you my friend. As I catch up I will visit and read all of your posts of course and attend to the honor you have once again bestowed on me.
Cheers to you