Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Signs of Fall"

The theme this week by Lew is "Signs of Fall". Mac, Kathy, Craver, Lew, Christine and I have a little contest to show a new theme header each week. We now post anytime before 4 PM EDT on Wednesdays and voting begins after that.

A look across a corn field at the tree changing a Sign of Fall.
Here are the multiple colors of a maple tree. 
Here's is a look across a lake with the trees changing.
The trees are in both colors and green on the same street.
Here is a look down a colorful river.
Here is a deer in the changing back yard.
It was able to hide behind the changing Signs of Fall.
See what the others show on my side bar.


Sylvia K said...

Oh, such glorious colors and the perfect introduction of Fall!! Awesome captures for the day!! Thanks as always for sharing!! Hope your week is going well!!

imac said...

Deer me Tom, Bet you have a CORN on your feet,gathering all these Fall shots MF

Katney said...

Good choices. We are all seeing lots of color. Whatever happened to summer?

Haddock said...

Wonders of nature..... such beautiful colours.

Lew said...

Beautiful color in your fall! And the deer is easier to spot against the color.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful colors.

Christine said...

Love all the colors, especially on the lake! And I can just hear the rustling of the wind through the dry corn stalks. :)

Craver Vii said...

It's a small wonder that I don't have whiplash from turning to gape at changing Maple trees, like the one you show here. They're gorgeous!!