Monday, May 15, 2017

"Something Blue"

The theme this week is "Something Blue" by Christine.  Mac, Kathy, Lew, Christine and I have a little contest to show a new theme header each week. We now post anytime before 4 PM EDT on Mondays and voting begins after that. Christine is gone and Lew is missing in action.

These are some tiny blue flowers by a friends house. They are about a 1/4" across and put on a pretty Spring show.
They are almost all blue.
There are a few white mixed in.
My daughter's blue liner gives blue hue to the pool. It will be ready to use real soon.
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Christine Soto said...

Those are Siberian bugloss (brunnera). I have them in my garden as well, and they are beautiful in the spring!

imac said...

Love the Header MDF Tom, also that pool looks inviting.

Katney said...

Those are pretty. Nice close-ups!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I used to have a plant with blue flowers like that. I thought it was a Forget-me-not.