Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thanks to my mentor JediJawa

Thanks for the shout out Jedi. What a special welcome to the blogging world. I am a face to face guy as Jedi called me so this blogging is new and I approach it with some worry of acceptance. Let's see how it goes.

Brad Paisley, who I always called Jedi's cousin is coming to town tomorrow. I'm hoping to go see him but relatives in town may change that oppertunity. I hope it works out. I'll report if it happens.


FacingTheSharks said...

Fishing guy, I don't know you enough to know if you like tips, so I'll shoot one out there for you and if you already knew.. ignore me. LOL

When you blog, you want to try to link back to other people's posts where possible because it builds a network.

For instance, people know about JediJawa by looking at your post, but if they only came to your blog, they won't know who he is and won't know what you're talking about.

So where you said "Thanks for the shout out Jedi".... you can create a hyperlink back to Jedi's post. Either on the "shout out" or the "Jedi" is what I would do.

That way, they can refer to what you were talking about. Then Jedi will get a link back on his blog from your site (a pingback). That way the two of you connect your blogs. Cool huh?

The more you link back, the bigger your network will grow and the more visitors you will get... because people like me follow links. :-)

fishing guy said...

Thanks for the advice. I got this on an E-mail and tried to comment but didn't quite get the whole thing. I'm still having trouble doing the link. Being new is not as easy as it seems. Ijust found out I have some comment moderation turned on and this is the first time my blog asked about your comment. I'll have to find out if it's still turned on.