Monday, September 24, 2007

Fishing was tough this weekend

I really like being out on the lake but I enjoy some activity. The lake was really slow this weekend with no fish activity. There were some Canadian Geese flying over but nothing else was moving. Even my trolling motor and fish finder were giving me trouble. I think I got those straightened out. I'll have to wait until next weekend to find out if they are.
I got tickets to the Keith Urban / Gary Allen concert coming to the Q on November 9th. It should be a great country concert.


darbi said...

Ahh... but a boring day fishing beats the heck out of a day like I had today! A seven hour meeting that ended with "well, since we can't come to any kind of decision, we'll table this and come back to it in two weeks".
(I loves me some fishing!)

fishing guy said...

I hope you get out fishing soon on a lake or stream. I power washed this weekend with a cold front moving in but next weekend I'm sure I'll try it again. I do love to have activity when I'm on the lake.