Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've Been Tagged By Tricia

Ms. Hays of Bluff Area Daily tagged me for this game, I guess is what it's called. Here are the instructions: The rules are to open a document or file picture folder. Then click on the 5th folder and then the 5th photo. Post the photo and describe it. Then tag 5 other bloggers.

Here is a picture from my Brady Lake folder. Boy, was I lucky. This is a photo I never have shown but was really nice. I visited the lake on a beautiful Spring morning it was very calm and reflective. The element seen in the lake, beside the reflections, are a fence in the water with a fallen tree. There are also two submerged docks. I didn't crop the shot and it is as taken. Here is who I will tag.

1. Ivar of Ivar Ivrig photos What great photos he has.

2. Louise of Potted Frog New Mexico's friendliest person.

3. Becky of Twisted Fence Posts What special stories she will tell.

4. Carolyn of NC Mountain Women Her post are always Golden on Fridays.

5. Tina of Bird Yarns Special photos of birds from my home state, PA.

I do hope you play.


Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

I can't believe you had this hidden and had not shown this one!
It has a lot of beautiful elements and I could not help but staring at it for quite some time!
what other wonderful treasures lay hidden in your computer, my friend!?

Mountain Retreat

Femin Susan said...

I am very anxious to play the game you have mentioned. a very interesting game.
Have a Happy weekend. :)

Shellmo said...

This is gorgeous and should be framed!!

Darla said...

What a great photo you had tucked away!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tom, Love your 'tagged' picture. The reflection is terrific.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What happened that caused the tree to fall & sink a fence & 2 docks - a storm? I'm glad you participated!

George said...

Tom, you shouldn't keep such gorgeous pictures to yourself.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

This is indeed a beautiful picture Tom. What an ideal place to live!!

Salty said...

Pretty place indeed! Lots of good structure to dip a line around. Is this a lake you fish?

Gina said...

Stunny reflection..what a picture!
Very nicely captured :D