Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Header Competition Season 3 # 9 - "Toys r Us"

rtoys The theme this week is by Gail's Man is "Toys r Us". MacGail's Man, DaveKathy and I have a little contest to show a new theme header each week. We now post anytime before 4 PM EDT and voting begins after that. 

What an interesting subject. I decided to show some of the toys I have. This is a Cleveland Indians bobble-head.
This is my favorite car, a 1957 Chevy. What a neat Hot Wheel. I don't know why it turned sideways??? 
 My second car was a 1956 Chevy Bel-Air two door hardtop. It was white over black similar to what is shown. I painted it all red.

 I decided to show the car I always wished I had. A Chevy Corvette, what a sweet ride. These are some of my toys.

See what the others have shown from the above links.


imac said...

Hi Tom, so you are a car fan.
Mighty fine show my friend.

katney said...

DD#1 got her first car one Christmas after she got her drivers licence. I think it was a red Camaro. It fit in her stocking.

Tipper said...

Nice toys : )

Gailsman said...

You'll never be able to pull apart a man and his toys. And so it should remain.

Jackie said...

Boys and their toys....sigh.
My hubby had a red Corvette several years ago. Do you guys ever outgrowa love for these toys? I smile...because I enjoyed it almost as much as he did. He eventually parted with it. But he still looks at every red 'Vette that we pass (or I should say that passes us!) :))

Pietro said...

Hi Tom! Wonderful cars indeed! It's so pleasant to see those fascinating cars of the fifties!

Misty Dawn said...

I have a Johnny Peralta Cleveland Indians bobblehead :-) I'm sure you aren't surprised.