Monday, June 5, 2017

Something Old"

The theme this week is "Something Old" by Me.  Mac, Kathy, Lew, Christine and I have a little contest to show a new theme header each week. We now post anytime before 4 PM EDT on Mondays and voting begins after that.  Lew is still missing in action.

I guess I could have used my self portrait for this one. I instead chose to use my 1994 GMC pick-up. It belonged to my Dad and I got it when he passed about 10 years ago. It had 84,000 miles and now has 91,000 miles. I use it to tow my boat to the lake and miscellaneous gardening projects. I am hauling some mulch for around the house today.
The main change I made to the truck is a used set of tires and rims. I also added a fishing themed seat cover and steering wheel cover. Notice I cleaned the wheels for the photo shoot. lol

I was out picking up mulch from our city mulch pile. You can take trees and yard waste to the site and they convert it to mulch for the city resident usage. Free if you load it yourself.

You can see the dome behind the mulch pile that they use to convert the mulch..

See what the others show on my side  bar.


imac said...

I reckon these older cars-vans are much more reliable than these latest computer cars or vans Tom.

Katney said...

I could use some of that mulch. Actually, I could also use the pickup, as I sold ours last year.

Linda Gross said...

We miss our Nissan Xterra, when it comes to hauling stuff. We can haul some things in our Subaru Legacy. It surprises us sometimes just how much will fit inside that car. Hauling was much easier, though, with the Nissan.

Christine Soto said...

There's nothing like a trusty old pickup truck! Love it.