Monday, October 1, 2007

power washing porch/deck

I am finished with the front porch and walk with my power washing. I also did the driveway and the front sidewalk.
This is a picture of the Craftsman power washer on the deck. The deck has a dark gray color before I start the job.

This picture shows the deck when it is partially complete. I will post the complete deck when I finish the rest of the deck.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to make someone a good wife some day. Not that I don't like flowers (I do) but I would rather have Craftsman tools, camping gear, etc.

I can just see my husband picking out gifts for me. All he has to do is say "honey, I have just the perfect gift for you...brb" then he heads out and picks the tool he's always wanted.

It's a win-win situation.

I want one of those power washers.


fishing guy said...

The power washer is fun. Sometimes when you are accomplishing a task, like changing the way the deck appears, it doesn't seem like work. It does take your time to accomplish the task.

Anonymous said...

I've run a power washer so I know it's time consuming, but oh so fun. I like making patterns, but I know that's not the right way of doing it. I kind of go against the rules at times.

fishing guy said...

I'm an engineer so making patterns would go against my straight forward thinking. I do my cross flows by accideent so I see how you could be artistic with your spraying.

st said...

Nice job. I love the "halfway there" part of projects because you can see that you have accomplished something so you know the end is getting closer and usually you have gone too far to quit.

fishing guy said...

st Thanks, I will probly finish all but the finish by this weekend. I have all the inside railing done and will move to the outside of the railing this weekend.