Sunday, October 7, 2007

Selig makes decision before game 3

Commissioner Bud Selig has passed down a decision on Fridays Indians/Yankees game. Selig said Steinbrenner should actually come to the game instead of being on a boat listening to the game. "I think that Selig called him a knucklehead but may have been referring to the name the Cleveland north coast calls the midges as Muckleheads." There will be no reversal of who won the game and the Indians lead the series 2-0.

The New York Post complains about the Indians winning. They called the Yankees a victim of insecticide. Were both teams playing under the same conditions or were the insects only attaching the Yankees?

Steinbrenner could not be reached for comment but from his office George Costanza said that Steinbrenner was sorry for the mistake. Costanza said that was as contrite as Steinbrenner could be.

Tim Finchem said "I did not understand completely the situation and would stick to golf comment from now on.

Donald Trump said "I told Steinbrenner originally that they called them little people not midgets but he wouldn't listen.

In a related story Joe Torre will lose job as manager if the Yankees lose.

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