Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rate The Concert Venue

I went to a concert last night so I wanted to make a rating system for the concert venues. I like to be treated well when I'm spending my money.

A. Parking at the venue.
0. It cost an a lot to park far away.
1. It cost to park far away.
2. It cost a lot to park close.
3. You can park close at a reasonable cost.
4. The parking is close and is free.

B. Entry to the venue.
0. Long wait and a body search (they pat you down).
1. Long wait and they search everything.
2. Long wait and they put you through a metal detector.
3. The lines are reasonable and they put you through a metal detector.
4. The lines are reasonable and you feel safe.

C. Music level at the venue.
0. I can no longer hear.
1. It was too loud.
2. I can't hear you.
3. I can hear what they are singing.
4. That just right.

D. Can I see the performers at the venue?
0. What performers - those ants?
1. I can barely see over every one - bad lighting.
2. I need binoculars.
3. They are visible on the projection screen and with binoculars.
4. This is very nice, I can see: the performers are visible to the eye and on projection screen.

E. Seating to the venue.
0. What seating? There's hardly a place to stand?
1. What seating you can stand?
2. Seating /on lawn, sit down in front.
3. Comfortable seating with some standing.
4. Comfortable seating close up with everyone seated.

F. Cost of food and souvenirs.
0. Arm and a Leg.
1. This is expensive.
2. This is reasonable.
3. I'm willing to pay this.
4. This is a good value.

G. Cost of Concert
0. Get a loan.
1. This is very costly.
2. This is expensive.
3. This is reasonable.
4. Free.

Rating for "The Barn" - Kent, Ohio A-4 B-0 C-0 D-1 E-1 F-2 G-2 = 9/28 Once is enough for this concert venue!!


Shark Girl said...

Please don't let Nextel find this post or they're going to be having you make surveys for them, so they can call all their customers on their cell phones and waste our valuable time!

fishing guy said...

SG: I'm sure they are searching as you speak.