Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Potpourri - Halloween Story and Award

Tipper of Blind Pig and the Acorns is doing a Halloween series "Spooky October" which I am sharing a true story from my past. You can check out the stories at the above link.
The Green Man of Koppel, PA

There are local legends that don't die but what do you do when you come face to face with the legend. The Green Man of Koppel is now a legend but in my day he was a real person. Koppel is a crossroads town on route 18 between New Castle and Beaver Falls, PA. The story goes that the Green Man was cutting trees for the electric company with his brother and accidentally touched an electric line. That accident had blown off his face. He had no nose, lips or hair from the tragic accident so he did look grotesque. They wanted him to come to the theater in New Castle at Halloween time but he had said no. He walked the back roads so as not to be seen. The kids of that day would do him no harm, certainly a different age then today.

The road that went out into the countryside at the red light was a two lane that was always foggy when I went there. I guess the fog was there to make it possible for the Green Man to hide as cars approach. It was October and the Halloween spirit was starting to soar. I was old enough to drive and had told my future wife that we would drive my 56 Chevy down to see the Green Man. I thought it would be a fun trip and would be exciting for her. I had been there several times and had only seen him once in a fleeting way. I didn't have high hopes of an encounter but kids in a car out for a ride was something we did. Well we drove back the country road for several miles without seeing anything. We weaved back and forth getting further into the valley. We then turned around and started back. As we came around a bend, there he was on the side of the road. The headlights had given him an eerie glow as the Green Man faded into the underbrush. You couldn't make out any facial features but you knew you had seen him. It is now just a memory of the Green Man from my past. Did we really see him, why yes. I was there and had accomplished my mission to show him to my girl. It made some great Halloween stories later in that year. I had an encounter with the Green Man. He lived 20 more years and the legend still exist today. The kids of today will never get the thrill of coming around a bend and seeing the Green Man of Koppel, PA.

My Friend Pietro Brosio of Turin, Italy gave me an award. Pietro is an artist and produced this award himself. I am happy to get it and pass it on to a few of my friends. It is for people who are nice to you on your blog. All the people are so nice who come to my site but here are a few I'll list.

Mac from England - We share a special bond though separated by miles.

Tom from England - Friends for a while now and a mentor from SWF.

Joan from South Africa - Yes, that Bug Lady.

Craig from Florida - A really neat guy with a neat story running now.

Craver Vii from Illinois - Sometimes the funnest remarks on my site.

I could go on and on with the nice people that visit but I'll stop here.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Great story, Tom!
I can imagine the adrenalin flowing when you rounded the bend and saw him disappear into the bush.
Congratulations on the award! You definitely deserve the recoginition!

Craver Vii said...

No nose, lips or hair. It it truly frightening to think that a person could be so disfigured from a momentary lapse of judgment, and have heavy consequences imposed for the rest of his life. My heart breaks for the Green Man.

On the other hand, congratulations of the Nice Blog award from Pietro! You deserve it. Thank you for passing it along, and I'll quickly say that I don't deserve to "share a stage" with the likes of Imac, Tom, Joan and Craig; they're top notch bloggers, and you honor me greatly by this award. Nevertheless, I enthusiastically look forward to hanging out with these, and the rest of your friends in the blogosphere. You keep good company, and are yourself a regular source of encouragement.

Sandi McBride said...

Now here's a story just in time for Halloween, and it was a dandy! We used to go look for the Summerville Light (South Carolina)...found it once...never returned...but then Mac used to take me to see the Submarine races, too...

Jo Castillo said...

Fun story and well deserved award! Congratulations.

Carletta said...

To think in today's world he could have had the right surgery to make him more comfortable. Sad to always live in the shadows.
Wonderful story!
Congrats on the award!

NCmountainwoman said...

Great story. What an adventure in the Chevy!

Tom said...

What agreat story this as been.... and true as well... The poor chap must have suffered inside as well as outside....

I thank you so much for this award... and I will except it with a smile from ear to ear.... I normally don't except or pass them on but a change is as good as a rest. I am happy we met and still have contact, your friendship as been one of the highlights of blogging.

Thank you Tom
Tom ;o)

Tipper said...

So neat to learn more about the mysterious Green Man-loved the story. Thank you for playing along-and congrats on the award-you so deserve it!

imac said...

Thank you Tom for this Nice Blog award which was Pietro's own work of art.

Normally I am a no meme 's awards blog but as this is special and not a meme --

I accept with the greatest of pleasure.Cheers Tom.

Craig Glenn said...

Nice story Tom and Thanks for the award! I posted it today.

I too seldom participate in the award meme stuff but I like how this one has no rules like a chain letter! Just an honest award from a blogging friend. Thanks!