Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Is It XXXVI

My World is directly below.

#1 If you just listen to me you might get this one. #2 What to you think this is?
#3 I certainly hope this one isn't too hard. Make sure it doesn't crawl away.
This is one you can have fun with.


Craig Glenn said...

Hi Tom,

I have no idea what it is this week so I thought I would tell you a story instead.

Curious George heard a noise in the yard and went to see what it was. He heard the flutter of wings and went to catch the bird but it flew away. George wonder why he didn't have feathers. The he saw that the bird was trying to eat a little caterpillar. He was hairy and had lots of legs!

Have a nice day,

Craig Glenn

tipper said...

1-a suffed animal's ear2-turkey feathers3-a squirrel tail

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: LOL!! Are you trying to tell us something with that story?

So you have finally decided not to play with the grown-up have you? Good boy!! Hugs.


Tom: Well since YKW has chickened out this week I am going to go with exactly the same as Tipper except I was not going to say what kind of feathers.

PS. Whats wrong with Craig? Is he sick? Must be that long trek to find the Bug Lady. The sun has caught him for sure. :)

TSannie said...

ear muff, dove feathers, pesky squirrel tail??? Can't wait for the answers.

Lanny said...

Fake fur


Real fur

Or did you want it more specific? If so I'm cheatin' and looking on other folks' papers, uh comments.

I'd go for the stuffed animal ear thing. Not so sure I'd say turkey feathers for sure, and the legs seem to be missing on Craig's caterpiller, so yeah squirrel or weasel if it was up in my girls' room. (you'd be surprised what will come in an open window these days) You know, my vermin skinin' girls could keep that from crawlin' away on ya.

Have a great day!

Thanks for continuing to do "What Is It" 'cause what it is is fun.

-bro said...

Sorry guys, I've got it this week.

Curious George is what I was thinking Glenn and since you have no idea this week, I will say 1. is that lovable monkey Curious George. (you should have played)

2. is with out a dought turkey feathers.

And 3. is a chipmunks tail !!
There you have it!!!



SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hey Bro....missed ya!! :)

Anonymous said...

#1 - I have no earthly idea! hehehe
#2 - Tail feathers
#3 - Squirrel tail

-bro said...

Thanks Joan for thoughts and prayers.

I might clairify (you know how picky Mr. Tom is) 1. is the ear of the monkey.


Craver Vii said...

1) stuffed animal (monkey or chimp)
2) pigeon's tail feathers
3) a meerkat's tail. or maybe Craig's.

Gee, I hope I'm close.

-bro said...

wwweeeeoooo ouch Graig!!

Darla said...

An ear on a stuffed animal, part of the feathers of the bird in your header photo, squirrel tail..

Carletta said...

One is a stuffed animal's ear but I don't think it's Curious George because his should be tan, two is a turkey's tailfeathers, and three a somewhat ratty squirrel's tail!

Carletta said...

Me again,
#3. Chipmunk's tail. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Hi All: Two and three are definitely guessed so it is down to the first one. So far a stuffed animal ear is good, it is not Craig's ear. I'll even say it was in the parade on Saturday, a lot of good that will do.

Gretchen said...

Hmmmm ... a buffalo's ear? turkey feathers? squirel's tail?

-bro said...

How about the Kent State mascot's ear. A Golden Flashes ear.


Craver Vii said...

Well, it wasn't MY ear. I have a very distinctive birthmark on my left earlobe.

Darla said...

I'm gonna try again...ear of the mascot at your wife's school, second, feathers on the mourning dove in your header,,(pigeon?) and third, tail of a want to be black squirrel..

Twisted Fencepost said...

#3 Squirrel tail
#2 Duck feathers
#1 That's not very nice of you to take a close up shot of a cow. Knowing my bovine hangups.

Thumbelina said...

Hi Tom!
#1 I think is a cuddly toy's ear. I think you gave us a good clue. A bear's ear?
#2 might be a bird's wings. It looks like a shot of a bird from behind with its wings down. A pigeon or dove.
#3 looks like a cat's tail but you said it might crawl away. Please don't say it is a macro of a hairy spider leg!! I'll settle for cat's tail.

That's my effort!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You are welcome Bro. I think you aced it on the ear one. :)

Jo Castillo said...

I think they are right... George, turkey feathers and chipmunk. My smile for today is reading the comments. Ha.

Tom said...

Stuffed Teddy Bear
Wing Feathers
Cats Tail????