Friday, July 11, 2008

A Friendly Killdeer

I was lucky enough to get some great shots of the Killdeer while in Florida but this week I got some close to home. My favorite pond produced again with a co-operative bird near the water. It walked strait toward me as I snapped photos. You can click to enlarge.
It thought it could hide next to the road.
It really put on a show, I must have 15 more pictures of this quality.
I enjoyed the show, every time a car went by it did some other walking trick.


The Birdlady said...

Good work! (If you can call photographing birds work.)

dot said...

It's always exciting to have something like this happen! You got some good shots there.

Jack and Joann said...

FG, thanks for the poem you wrote on my blog this week. My hubby got a kick out of it. Killdeer. What a strange name for a bird!

Fish Whisperer said...

Thanks for the tip to sky watch I will try to remember the day as I am in Fiji and I am always a day ahead. Love the Killdeer

Louis la Vache said...

Speaking of birds putting on shows, have you seen this?.

On a different subject, "Louis" et Mme. la Vache celebrate their premier anniversaire today.

Rosy said...

It has been awhile since I been here at your blog and wow what alot of nice photos here.

I was having some problems with my pc but now I am back online again. Horay!

What a great capture of that moth, and that killdeer is really a neat looking bird.

Anonymous said...

This is one bird's photo I do not have but have seen them more than any other bird, I suppose, as when I was a child they would run ahead of me with a crippled wing trying to get me to ignore their nest of pebbles along the edge of the gravel roads I walked on in those days.

Nice photography.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to my SkyWatch Friday post, Fishing Guy.

I'm on the road and in the field doing another photo trip chasing the bloom of our Rosebay Rhododendron (white blossoms) in the northern area of the Southern Appalachian mountains, and with lodging that does not have the most reliable internet service. I won't be home again for a few more days yet, but I did finally develop and upload a few images to update my July 7 Rhododendron post.

Sunrise this morning was a washout, literally, with locally heavy thunderstorms--looks like the rain won't ease up until later morning so I'm going to breakfast soon. But I wanted to try and get around to all who visited my SWF, and others too while I still have good internet access. So, please forgive this cut & paste with a small bit of personalization added--I do appreciate your visit and your comments.

Nice photos of the killdeer! I like your SWF as well. I've never seen many of those birds, so its nice to be able to see it close up. Of course, I'm nearly deaf and have never been able to hear songbirds so it's no wonder that I haven't seen many.


kjpweb said...

Good work! And you fell for the Killdeer ruse. It wanted to distract you from the actual nest! Incredible how courageous these little ones are!
But you used it wisely!
Well done! Cheers, Klaus

Tipper said...

You were in the right place at the right time for this one!

Tom said...

Guy- Very nice. Ever see a "Kill-fawn"? They are the cutest little birds that exist, I do believe, they look like mini-replicas of the parents.


Beckynsc said...

Love those kildeer pics. Wish I could get close enough to get pics like that. The best I could do is get pics of one of their nests.

lapa37 said...

I can't believe how beautiful your pictures are. I'm glad you got to see him do his act.

Texas Travelers said...

What Klaus said.

Thanks for the visit,

PS: Nice photos.

Willard said...

That was a good encounter with a good series of photos. A nest may have been nearby for the bird to come that close to you.

Tina Coruth said...

Great photos! Tina

i beati said...

Really kildeer just make you smile- i love all the many varieties of Seahorses at Tampa Aquarium took several school groups there.. sandy