Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More From the Golf Outing

A golf course can be a wonderful source of photos. This one Little Thunder in Madison, OH was real special. It is made to cater to kids. It is shorter and has dog legs to give it potential. A fun course for the younger golfer. Thunder Hill the main course has 72 ponds and is rated #46 in the nation. It was a fish hatchery, they took out 28 ponds.

A saw to types of dragonflies by a pond.
This one may be a Bluet I've seen before at other blogs.
The Japanese Beetles were mating.
I think that's my camera in the reflection.
These flowers had a fly and a small bee on it. Click on it to see more.
The flower of a Sumac Tree is so interesting.
A story of the golf game, My 13 year old grandson shot one over par on the front nine and three over par on the back nine to beat everyone. He was throwing darts at the pins and was putting for birdies on at least 12 holes. Oh my, he does have potential as a golfer and earned a letter last year in Junior High School as a 7th grader.


dot said...

You really find some great shots! I've never heard of a golf course just for kids but it sounds like a good thing.

The Texican said...

Considering men are just boys with beards, I guess all golf courses could be considered "just for kids". Great photos and I never would have guessed golf course if you hadn't told us. Pappy

kjpweb said...

Blogger seems to have some problems today - can't see pics. I'll come back later.
Cheers, Klaus

Tipper said...

Just amazing pictures as always. Love the dragon flies. The beetles are eating my rose bushes down to nothing this summer-wish they'd move!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good golf game...

And the Japanese Beetles are dead as soon as I get my fingers on them as they end up mating and making those lawn grass grubs that turn lawns brown as they eat the roots.

I usually grab them and using a thumb nail they are cut into two pieces. Sounds bad but it protects my flowers now and my grass next summer.

I also put the picture of the hummingbird on the Brookville blog for tomorrow morning. Thanks for the advice.

Carletta said...

Your got some great shots FG!
I like the first dragonfly best - really nice closeup.

For The People said...

Those bettles are really cool. They shine like a mirror around thier head! Thanks for stopping by my place. Sorry but I just now got today's posts up. Hope you are having a great week!

Willard said...

You really did get a lot of good shots on the golf course.

Those are excellent photos!

Thanks for your visit and comment today. I looked up a bit of information and posted a link to it in the comments section, plus I quoted the pertinent section to the red tag program. I should have actually looked that up and put it in the original post. At any rate, check it out if you want a bit more information on the subject.

Keep up the good work. I always enjoy your comments and my visits to your blog.

lapa37 said...

Beautiful shots I just love looking at the pictures you take.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you shoot so still & clear. That is always what I'm striving for is clarity. I'm getting better, but you got it figured out. Very cool!

Fish Whisperer said...

Great post. i always loved being on a golf course, even though I am a duffer. Thanks for the comments I have a special tio for SWF. I have also joined The World in Black and White. i am taking your advice and reaching out with my images. Thanks again.

Voz do meu Coração said...

I am delighted to know that these photos has put lately are very beautiful congratulations, with these insects

Willard said...

In case you didn't look at the comments on the red tag again here is what I posted in response to your last comment:

Fishing Guy

You are right about farmers being able to cull a herd destroying crops, but they couldn't utilize hunters who were not employed by them as farm workers.

This program changed it so that they could utilize the hunting public to do the shooting if the correct procedures were followed.

Daniel J Santos said...

beautiful pictures, very well done.

The Birdlady said...

Great post - I'll be watching for that grandson in the pros!

TSannie said...

Looks like you didn't get in much golf! Not only is that your camera reflected in the Japanese beetles, I think it's ALL of you!
Neat photos!