Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July USA

The 4th of July at our house is synonymous with the Independence Day Parade in Stow, Ohio. It is a yearly tradition for Nana and Papa to go to Stow and setup at 8AM for the 10AM start. The parade always starts out with Fire and Police with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Uncle Sam comes close on their heels waving a hearty hello to all.
The men who fought for this country were well displayed and honored.
This is one neat truck honoring the men who served.
The HumVee was also there.
The Stow Bulldogs Band performed.
There were many churches represented in the parade.
There were some old time cars, this one was a hot rod with a big V-8.
The Alltel #12 was there and running under its own power.
It was a fun parade and lasted two hours. The grand-kids collected a big bag of candy.


Anonymous said...

Very cool 4th of July post!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW - nice music to go along w/ this 4th of July celebration!!!

kjpweb said...

Good post, Tom - we got rain and only little to see here! Glad at least you did! Cheers, Klaus

Gina said...

Looks like heaps of fun and a lovely tradition it must be..Happy 4th July :)

Carletta said...

We have had rain all day!
Hope your weekend continues to go well.

Isadora said...

:) Now THIS is a way to have a parade. Hope you too had a great time.

Marie said...

Nice 4 th of July post and very nice sky watch post as well :)

Anonymous said...

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Your work is inspirational to me.

I come to repay your visit, and I see what you have photographed. I am never a big parade fan because I have been paraded. LOL

But, I read what you have written and saw your photography and it is all inspiring to me.

I am a person of ideas and the wheels begin to turn and tomorrow one of my blog posts will be published because of what I saw here first.

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The Texican said...

Glad you guys didn't get rained out. I'll need to take my flag down today and dry it out. Thanks, Pappy

The Birdlady said...

All across ths big country - pretty much the same. (Our fireworks got rained out last night)

Tipper said...

Everyone loves a parade-and looks like that was a good one!

Stacey Huston said...

So glad that you got to share this great day with your family! Have a great weekend..

Jack and Joann said...

You and Wanda both showed parades attended our your blogs. Very, very nice. Keep enjoying the weekend and the fishing.

Marcos Santos said...

I liked the festival.

Happy the people that can be patriotic.


Tom said...


Wow, thanks for sharing this. We always would go to the Stow parade. My family would walk over from my grandparent's house on Oakhurst in Munroe Falls. I marched with the band several years playing the trombone, and even played in the alumni band. And the Ryan Newman car really hit home as well- My dad spent most of his career working at Alltel.