Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Julianne Hough CD Review

We have a new singer in the Country music market. Her name is Julianne Hough (pronounced Huff) and you may know her for winning two times on 'Dancing With the Stars' TV programs. Her album debut at number one mainly because she was already known. I bought it the day it came out for $7.99 at Best Buy. Here is a cute picture form the album.
The Album consists of 11 songs and has a great country sound. They are playing the debut song now. Julianne Hough exudes talent in dancing, singing and presence.

1. 'That Song In My Head' - What a great start for a career.

2. 'You You You' - This is a cute perky song.

3. 'Hide Your Matches' - Sultry ballad with a great story.

4. 'My Hallelujah Song' - Everyone should have a there own hallelujah song.

5. 'Jimmy Ray McGee' - A song with a message of choice. Think before acting and going the wrong way.

6. 'Dreaming Underneath the Same Moon' - Duet with her brother Derek (from DWTS), what a great duet. Derek is a really good singer and could also do well in the country market.

7. 'About Life' - Perky song.

8. 'Hello' - I love it (Hello are you listening to me?).

9. 'Help Me, Help You' - A sad song of dependence.

10. ' Love Yourself' - This is an okay song.

11. 'I'd Just Be With You' - This is one great ballad.

Certainly a great album to add to your country collection. Julianne should go far in the country singers circuit.


dot said...

I don't know who any of the singers are any more but if that is her singing I really like her.

Jack and Joann said...

As the young kids say she is hot! She can sing. And she sure can dance!

Julie said...

I had not heard of her. We don't get the US version of 'Dancing' in Australia.
I always love your playlist! :)
Cheers, Julie

Shionge said...

When I was young I used to listen to John Denver ;) Now it seems like there's more and more country singer so thanks for the recommendation FG :D

For The People said...

Hey, she is really good. Thanks for letting us know about her!

Anonymous said...

I don´t know nothing about her.
She is a beauty ... now I'll have to see the net to hear some songs!

The Texican said...

Hey FG, The picture on the album is worth $7.99. She has the makings of a good one. Her sound is more traditional country and I like that. Thanks for the tip.

Sandpiper said...

I'll have to tell Mr. Sandpiper. He'll appreciate this post! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed her but I seldom watch the programs she was on. I am almost always watching something stupid.

Nice post. Enjoyed the music too.

Carletta said...

She has such a little girl voice that I'm amazed by the "grownup" sound that comes out of her!

Anonymous said...

Julianne rocks. I bought this album online a few days ago and finally got it yesterday, and I've been listening to all the songs for about 5 hours straight! My favorites have got to be That Song In My Head, You, You, You, and My Hallelujah Song. The rest are awesome as well, but these have got to be my all time favs.