Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some More Small Animal Captures

My Brother-In-Law and I went out trying to get some bird pictures (and we did) but how could the Fishing Guy skip a fish pictures. This was taken at the boat dock. You can see the high Florida sun putting a shadow on the launching ramp. There were at least eight of these fish about 6" long and are called Needle Fish.
We were standing on the dock, which is the white in the corner of the picture, as I captured the Needle Fish.
We went to a beach and saw many holes. some of them had little balls of sand near them. I finally saw what was in the holes and got a few pictures. The hole is 1/2" and the crabs are 1" wide.
This one had a large claw and a great color.


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Whee! An enlargement of that last one makes it look like some sort of rabid alien creature. Good thing they're tiny!

John said...

Great captures and lovely color of that crab!

Anonymous said...

That crab sure has a wonderful colour!

The Birdlady said...

I am enjoying sharing your FL trip! You got some great photos.

kjpweb said...

Cool - aren't those Needle fish weird looking? I see them occasionally here.
Nice crab pics, too! Cheers, Klaus

Swamp Thing said...

Fiddler crabs are neat little guys. They provide a LOT of food to birds in the marsh, where food would otherwise be much harder to catch. Nice pic!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

These are really awesome photos! I enjoyed the crab.

Tipper said...

Great pictures-I especially liked the needle fish. You can see where its name came from.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever heard of a needle fish. Maybe a pike but not a needle. LOL

Thanks for your visit to my Brookville Daily Photo blog this morning. I hope you enjoyed my post today showing the baby rabbit eating the poppy leaves.

I also wrote a longer piece on my Better Blog Writing about my Mom and Dad. See if you like the writing style. It is popular among better blogs.

Last evening, it was almost dark, when one of the baby rabbits came up to our patio door and wanted in. I was flabbergasted but only took a picture and didn't leave him come in the house.

I wanted you to know I stopped-in to repay your visit and leave a you a comment.

I enjoyed reading your blog post for today and I thought your photography was excellent.

Travis said...

Very cool photos. I love the shots of the needle fish. And that crab has great color. Great post. Thanks for sharing about your trip.

Carletta said...

I always hated being at a beach and seeing those little holes and knowing what was under the sand!
Nice capture.

Texas Travelers said...

Great color on the crab and nice photos of the illusive needlefish.

I love to watch the crabs and see them run sideways.

Thanks for the visit,


Great fishing shots.

Gina said...

Welcome back from Florida!
The needle fish are fascinating!
....I can't help but squirm in my chair over the crabs though...have a slight phobia to these critters! :)