Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Is It XXIX

The My World Post is below.

What Is It for today:
#1 may be a little tricky. #2 Put on your thinking caps.
Have fun, these are special ones.


Darla said...

The first one looks like one of the glass candles in the diamond shaped cover..however you describe it. The second one looks like a water droplet.

Darla said...

But you know I'll be back to stare until my eyes hurt!!

Craver Vii said...

I'm inclined to dip again into the prior post for clues. A candle holder would have been my first guess, except for the grout holding each section in place. I will say ceramic block at the Water Street Tavern. Probably part of the entrance.

That second one sure is an enigma! It does not conform to anything I can identify by function. I will guess that it is a glass sculpture.

Tipper said...

Who knows : ) but I'll be back to see.

Darla said...

Okay Craver Vii---should have looked closer, does appear to be grout.....now I gotta really think here!! Thanks for the tip..

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I had better get my bit in before you-know-who but I am a bit puzzled.

Okay I am going to go with a glass wall for the first one and a glass jar filled with water for the second.

LOL!! You don't make them easy do you Tom? LOL!!

Rambling Woods said...

Hello Fishing Guy...I am wondering if you could help me identify a fish pulled from our pond. I am trying to ID the types of fish and I don't know this one. If you could stop by and have a look, I would really appreciate it... -Michelle--
Fish from the pond

Gaelyn said...

The first one is your bathroom floor, and the second one is the perfume bottle you dropped on the floor and got lucky when it didn't break.

imac said...

Here go for a laugh
1)= lamp or candle inside a glass holder.
2) = squashed plastic bottle

Craig Glenn said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks again for the game we so look forward to each week. I see you have some interesting answers so far but we can all see that you really raised the bar this week.

I am glad that the Bug Lady has got her licks in first but she needs to bring it, that was some pitiful attempt to get me going as well as some really weak guesses!

Surely they have glass in SA...

1) This is obviously an opaque glass block wall. Most likely the window in your guest bathroom. I see you have a nice red shower curtain reflecting in the glass.

2) Humm, tougher but not to worry. The trick here is where this is located. Is it on the floor or on a desk top. These are obvious glass feet shaped like a horses hoof. If they are on the floor then perhaps a footstool. if on a desk... perhaps some type of storage box like a jewelry box.

Just to be a good sport and all if you want to drop J some more hints I don't think it will hurt anything, she ain't gonna get it anyway. As you can see all that sucking up I did since last week has got her guard down just like you said it would... oh J don't read this part... LOL

Craig Glenn

Warren Baker said...

They look like trophies or wedding gifts Tom.

Rose said...

I thought tile/grout for the first one, but I wonder where it is.

The second looks like the foot of something...but can't think what would have glass foot. Then I wandered was it a handle/knob of some sort.

Esther Garvi said...

The first look like tiles in a bathroom! The second one like the bottom of a glass chandelier. :-)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Here we go again!! Some people just seem to love trouble and look for it at every turn!! Of course I won't mention names but we all know he lives in Florida. Poor state!! Then, to make matters worse, he has a brother too!! My goodness!! A sad state of affairs indeed.

Tom: Please ignore you-know-who. I think he has been swallowing that gum we talked about last week instead of spitting it out.

A glass wall with a red shower curtain? My goodness!! What will he guess at next!! Obviously he thinks you have as much bad taste in things as he does. I would hate to see how gaudy his house is.

Glass shaped feet?? Ha! Ha! Ha!! What a joke!!

He really needs to be banned from blogging!!

You asked for it and got it Craig. :)

Craig Glenn said...

Wow, now that is more like it. Although I am sure Miss FishingGuy is not going to appreciate your comments about their lovely home!

We will just see tomorrow Bug Lady!

THEM ARE GLASS FEET!!! you wait and see!


Anonymous said...

FG-Okay seems to be I always venture over here when there are already a ton of great answers, and then it just confuses me more...but today I will take another stab at it...even though I think craig and joan already got it! lol :)
1. Red tile wall inside the house...my aunt has something like it in her kitchen.
2. Base of a blown glass sculpture. Maybe a turtle or some other 4 legged friend. :)
Can't wait to see what the answers are. Have a great day! :D

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Nature Lovin'Super Mama: Don't take much notice of Craig. He is hopeless. LOL!! (Well okay, I am not much good at it either, but please don't let on. ) LOL!!

Craig: Don't try to get me into trouble here. You are just jealous I am so clever and always have the correct answers. :)

ramblingwoods said...

Thank you for the id on the golden shiner. I won't tell you how long I hunted the internet trying to figure out what it was. LOL. I did see a few of the other pond fish to id them as I went. This fish is bigger than the description you linked, maybe 8 inches or so. I had bought some koi pellets to get the fish to come closer so I could see them. They were splashing around feeding and then it got quiet and there was this large something...huge fish. I looked down and was taking a photo when the snout of a large snapping turtle poked out of the water. Startled me. It must have been attracted to the splashing. It looked at me for a bit and then just left. LOL... Michelle

Pietro said...

Interesting pictures of the details, but I can't guess! :-)

Lanny said...

Excuse #1 I have a migraine.

#2 I'm up in the middle of the night.

#3 My contacts are in their holder and my glasses... haven't seen them in weeks. Can't find what ya can't see.

I'm thinking this isn't the game for the metally disturbed. I am now going to finish the night with nightmares about tiling. Done quite a bit of tiling in my day. Mostly it means a daughter is getting married. Clearly tiles, but obviously you want more than that eh? Blank.

Second picture. do you have to always remind me of my failures? Where did you find one of the many things I've either melted directly on the stove or with hot water?

Well at least I don't have long to wait for the answer this time.

Pills seem to have melted and gone down, now I'm going back to bed. Thanks for the entertainment, you're the best!

Gina said...

a curved tile wall on the first one..or possibly candle holder..and umm..?? no idea about the glass one!