Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Is It XXVI

I'm going to test your abilities today.

#1 Is rather tricky, take a guess.
#2 It doesn't get any easier with this one.
#3 Now you should get this one.
Have fun with these neat ones.


Craig Glenn said...

Hi Tom,

You know how I hate going before the bug lady! But here we go.

1) Polished rock
2) spider plant
3) Mushroom


Gaelyn said...

It's tough to follow Craig, he's never right anyway. But I usually hope for some helpful suggestions. So, here goes anyway.

1) the bottom of a hand blown drinking glass
2) an illegal plant (better get rid of that before you get busted)
4. catapillar

imac said...

1)Jelly Fish

2)Christmas Tree

3) Fungi

I know I'll get all wrong.lol

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh Craig!! Here we go again!! Why dont you just give up guessing as you will never be right even if Tom does this for the next 20 years!!

Here are the correct answers:

#1 those flat shells you pick up n the beach - you might call them mother of pearl.

#2 that same plant Gaelyn is talking about ... the one you need to take out before the cops find it.

#3 A mushroom - not the same one as Craig is talking about. LOL!!

No they are too easy this week Tom!!

Jo said...

OK, so I've decided to test my abilities. Here goes:

Mother of pearl - shell or ornament
Succulent plant - I can't see THAT plant -lol
Mushroom - dissected



Darla said...

Man! The first one looks like a piece of dry glue you know the sticky stuff you pull off of things from the store.'
I know the second one but dadgum it won't come to me right now. Third one I would say a mushroom but that's probably not it knowing you. Too many paint fumes going on in my head right now!!

Craver Vii said...

#1 sure is tricky! I wanted to guess an eyeball, but I'm going to go with a grub instead.

#2 is an aerial shot of garden foliage of some type. It is taken from directly above, but I'm certainly no horticulturalist. (It is so NOT cannibas. You guys crack me up!) However, I have no clue what the name of the plant is. Let's call it Fred.

#3 looks to me like the underside of a mushroom, but the green lines are what? Blades of grass?

Tina said...

lol I enjoy reading everyone's comments..esp about the second pic!!
I don't have a clue on these..

Darla said...

Dadgumit!!!!! I have the plant one on the tip of my tongue!!!! The first one.....maybe some sort of glass>>>>>>>>>>? So, I have too many paint fumes still in my brain on top of cooking three homemade pear pies today........

Mary said...

1. inside of a shell
3. mushroom

blushing rose said...

IF you look closely to the right side of the shell pics you can see the image of a child-like (angelic) face ... beautiful photos. TTFN~ Marydon

Pietro said...

Tom, your new banner is very nice!

Regina said...

A mushroom? or a worm, how about fungi?
:) nice.

Darla said...

Is the second one sedum, moss rose or something similar to these?