Friday, October 3, 2008

Here is the prize I made for my first anniversary (9/10/08) of my blog. I said earlier in the month that I had a gift for a random visitor to my blog in honor of my first anniversary.

Here is the gift I made, It is a photo of my Ohio Buckeye Tree and a poem that was posted in its honor. Joann gave me permission to use the poem. It honors both of the Ohio Buckeyes, the tree and the football team.

The random date that was chosen is September 30Th and the first visitor to post a comment was the winner. The winner is Becky of Twisted Fencepost. She has really had a lucky streak because after she had been chosen I saw that she also won a random drawing at Tipper's Blind Pig and the Acorn. I guess luck was on her side and she let me know she was born this month.

I was doing this post and getting links when I saw I had won one of Pap's CD's at Tippers site, I guess I'm also lucky to have the friends in the blogging world. Thanks Tipper for this neat prize.

I also made one of these for Joann of Joann and Jack because she composed the poem and shared it with me and you.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Thank you so much, Fishing Guy!!!
I love things that people have thought over and made themself! They have so much meaning.
I will treasure it as much as you do your Buckeyes!

The Tile Lady said...

Lucky winner of your gift, and lucky you winning Pap's CD!

tipper said...

Becky is a lucky dog this week!! Thank you for the link-and for the friendship.

Love the picture and the poem-looks very nice. And congrats on your milestone.

kjpweb said...

Nice of you! What a great idea!
Cheers, Klaus


I will look for that the next time I am at Joann's house! It will be in good company with the rest of her beautiful home :)