Friday, October 31, 2008

I Was Twice Blessed

Some things you hear stay with you through the years. In high school I read what William Shakespeare wrote in 'The Merchant of Venice':

"The quality of mercy is not strained,
it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
upon the place beneath it is twice blest.
It blesseth him that gives
and him that takes."

I would like to say:

The quality of friendship is free flowing,
it comes in unexpected ways.
It is freely given in many directions.
It gives satisfaction to those who give
and those who receive.

I received a gift from a friend. I enjoy Gospel music and had purchased an CD from Tipper of A Blind Pig and the Acorn. I had liked her father's song "Sweet, Sweet Corn" and wanted it in my collection. She drew my name in one of her many free giveaway drawings and also sent me a second CD called 'Whispering Hope'. Pap and his brother ( The Wilson Brothers) do some great down home gospel singing. This is the sound I had grown up listening to. You can hear the songs on her site. They often have some great singing on the site. I have a special connection with Joann and Jack with their own named site. Joann shares a heritage and love of Ohio which she shared with me in a poem when I posted some Buckeyes on my site. I used it while making my gift for Becky who won on my one year blogaversary. I actually made two gifts because it was my photo along with Joann's poem that made it special. Yesterday, I received a package from Virginia. Joann and Jack decided on their own to send my way this wonderful collection of magazines, CD music, flower seeds and Virginia peanuts. I do really love everything that they sent.
The Internet can be so rewarding in more then the gifts but that sharing takes place between you and your new friends. Thank you so much to Tipper, Joann and Jack for their wonderful friendship. They are truly my friends.


TSannie said...

Amazing the connections we make in all areas of our lives.
Nothing better than friendship....

Pietro said...

It's true, Fishing Guy: friendship is fantastic and the Internet helps it! I like very much the music sites.

Twisted Fencepost said...

You are definitely blessed with many friends. And I hope there are many more to come!

Shellmo said...

How heartwarming and wonderful to hear! :-)

tipper said...

You have made my day! Thank you for the thoughtful words-and thank you for your friendship. I've recieved many blessings from my blog-and your friendship is certainly one of the best.

I've never read or heard the quote you had-but I've printed it out so I can see it often.

Thank you for the shout out about Pap's music too-I'll let him and Paul see your post later-I know it will make them both smile with pleasure to know you enjoyed the cds.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I liked what tipper said too.

I forgot about theme day today so I just found some of the books I wrote and took a photo and published that. Too late to be included in the group but it worked for me. LOL

Denise said...

How wonderful, this is a super post and a great start to my Saturday morning. I have had remarks from people who just don't understand how you can make wonderful friends on line. They just don't get it. It is their great loss, and should they be so blessed!

Mary said...

Wonderful writing about friendship and a perfect quote! You brought back some memories for me. "Whispering Hope" was my grandmother's favorite song and in my mind, I can still hear her play it on the harmonica while my sister plays piano.

Jack and Joann said...

Jack and I were delighted with your gift and really enjoyed sending some Virginia stuff to you. Don't know if you like bluegrass but I thought it might expand your country roots a bit. And we need some filler so the magazines and newspapers were my choice for fillers. And since you are a fellow gardner had to give you some seeds in graditude for the Ohio Buckeyes!

Louise said...

I've been doing this for less than 5 months and am astounded by the connections I've made. The world really is a nice place!