Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Is It XXIV

My World is below.
Here are three finds, let us see how you do.

#1 This was an interesting find. Click on the photo for a closer look. Don't let that star fool you.
#2 Now, I think this is easy so take a guess.
#3 I don't know if you will get this one. Surprise me and give it a try.
This is all for fun so give it a try, I want to see what you guess.
Special add on for today so we have a Who Is It. This is a special person from Ohio. Do you know who it is on his special day?


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I have been waiting all day to see you post this Tom as I know today is going to be the day I am going to get them all right. Here goes...

#1 - the light side of the moon taken through your telescope. I must say you really got a great shot of the surface there.

#2 - You cant fool me, it is one of those toys you hang from the mirror in your car that tells you what direction to drive. Very old fashioned of you. I thought they had gone out of style a long time ago.

#3 - Now I have a sniff in the nose that I should know what this is, but I cannot think of its name right now. I will have to get back to you on this one.

LOL!! LOL!! See, I am really getting good at this. :)

Sara G said...

Let's try...
#1 - a toads rear end?
#2 - a squirrel's tail?
#3 - looks like a llama's nose?
#4 - Lebron James?
What fun it is to come up with some guesses!!
Take care

Darla said...

Good Grief! Here we go again...I will think about these all night Tom. 1. I thought of a frog too.
2. Squirrel tail
3. Calf nose and mouth.
You know I'll be back to stare at them some more.LOL

imac said...

1) = Mouldy sarni (haha)

2) = Rabit-Hare-Squirrel tail

3) = Part of a deer's face

4) = Fishing Guy (haha)

Warren Baker said...

FG People aren't taking this seriously!! ;-)

Pony nose

Mary said...

1. toad 2. grey squirrel tail 3. llama I'll have to get Mike to tell me who the basketball player is.

Shellmo said...

1. Frog

2. Squirrel Tail

3. Llama

4. Don't know!

Susan said...

I'm very proud of myself that I got the same response others are getting LOL

I thought, 1. a toad's butt, 2. a squirrel's butt, 3. a camel or llama nose, or maybe a dog's butt if it has a stumpy tail, 4. Jeez dunno.

Fun! (I enjoyed the geese and egrets too, on your other post).

Thumbelina said...

Picture #1 - the back end of a frog (ok he's albino!) or a seashell?

Picture #2 - I would say a rabbit or deer tail - but maybe a bit too fluffy?

Picture #3 - looks like a camel. Could therefore be a sheep or maybe a llama.

Bonus picture - haven't a clue. I'm English y'know!

How'd I do?

Luke Wiley said...

Very fun group of shots.

Denise said...

#1 a frog's tushy

#2 schirrel's tail

#3 looks like the nose and mouth of a llama

The add on is a player from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James

Catherine said...

1) shell 2) grey squirrel 30 camel
I am only certain about the middle one!!! the others will be way off beam!!

Femin Susan said...

I don't know whether they would be right.Anyway
2-The body of some animal(back)
3-looks like the claws of some animal.
4-basket ball player
Hope at least one will be right.

Glennis said...

My guess is a pottery or stone frog.
a squirrels tail, and a llama or alpaca nose! Sorry no idea about the person.

Leedra said...

I had seen you do this several times so I decided to do it. I had fun seeing all the guesses and funny answers.

By the way I don't have a clue, except the squirrel tail.

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Anonymous said...

fun photos FG!
1. frog/toad
2.squirrel's tail
3. Alpaca/llama or on a long shot-a dog(?)
4. not a clue lol:)

Twisted Fencepost said...

#1 frog behind
#2 squirrel behind and tail
#3 goat nose
#4 I have no idea
What's up with all the critter behinds?

lisaschaos said...

Fun! Frog, squirrel, camel? Fun!

Happily Retired Gal said...

Ah ... now I see how it works. Nifty idea for sure.
Hugs and blessings,