Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Is It XXVI

My World is below.

Here are three finds, let us see how you do.

Is this one too easy?
Go on and surprise me.
Can you get this one?
Have fun with your guess, they are all fairly common.


Anonymous said...

Looks like braided nylon rope to me. Nice shot too.


fishing guy said...

Abe: Definetly on the right track.

Rose said...

I thought knot in a nylon rope, also. The second looks like chain link fence...the third I feel like I know but just can't pull it out of my thick skull!

Darla said...

The first one reminds me of ski rope or the rope to tie up your boat, second one looks like fence or legs of a chair, the third looks like a dry flower.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now Tom, anyone can see that all three these items are found in the kitchen.

The first is one of those string bags you put vegetables in to carry them home.

The second is the wire stand you keep them in.

The third, one of the veggies in it which has gone past its "best by" date, probably broccoli.

See, I am jsut as clever as you this week. LOL!!

Vamsee said...

First one is a nylon rope, second is a chain link fence and third looks like a dry flower's seeds

Nice post

Craig Glenn said...

Yep, nylon rope, plastic coated chain link fence and dried flower.

Craig Glenn

George said...

The first looks like a knot in nylon rope -- perhaps a rope holding up a tying up a boat.
The second looks like a link in a chain link fence.
The third reminds me of bean sprouts, except they look drier.

Tipper said...

*A rope on your boat *a plant hanger *a dried flower. Always fun to guess!

fishing guy said...

Rose: Your part right on one but it makes something. Great guess on number two.
Darla: Close on number three.
Joan: Such close guesses.
Vamsee: We have a recurring theme.
Craig: Like the plastic idea.
George: Close but no cigar.
Hint: I found them all where children play.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Am I allowed a second chance....:)

#1 a nylon rope with knots in it
#2 a plastic cover coathanger
#3 A dead zinnia flower head

Now I got it!! See, I just needed my reading lasses. :)

Mary said...

You had me fooled with the rope, if I hadn't read everyone else's guesses! The coated chainlink fence I can see. That last one has be intriqued with all the little "hooks". Look forward to knowing what plant it is.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Is Number one a rope tied to a swing??? Number two is the plastic attached to a chain linked fence. No.3 has me stumped...Is it a flower that is past its prime?????


Tammie Lee said...

1) nylon rope
2)fence like chain length but green
3)the top of a dried up thistle or artichoke

It is fun how you do this.
I asked what flower a tiny bud would turn into a few days ago.

Pietro said...

Fishing Guy, I'm always glad to join Sky Watch when I have a good picture to present, because I like Sky Watch very much and it is so well conducted by you and the team.

Warren Baker said...

right then FG.
1) a rope for mooring a boat
2) chain lnk fence
3) one of them sicky burr seeds that sticks to your clothes!

Warren Baker said...

is the first one some kind of sports net ?

fishing guy said...

The gusses made with great results. We have all the answers, just a matter of which are correct.

Darla said...

My eyes are crossed now!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Nylon rope, chain link fence and a dried dandelion flower.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I got it, I got it!!

#1 is your fishing net. LOL!! Good one Tom!!

Or is it M's shopping basket? Now I am confused. :) These old grey cells ain't what they used to be. LOL!!

Luke Wiley said...

I'm a little late, but great pictures anyway!

Shellmo said...

1. Rope (Abe beat me)
2. Green fence
3. My mother's hair??? LOL!!

lisaschaos said...

nylon rope
chain link fence
some sorta dried flower

Jack and Joann said...

FG, thanks for coming by yesterday to see the garden photos. I moved a hydrangia that weighed a ton yesterday so I was late getting around to visiting all the My World Tuesday sights.

Your little what is it photos are so tricky. You must be an engineer to look at things the way you do.But I love it. I don't have a clue about any of them---I'll leave that to your other readers.