Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Is It XXVII - Answers

I thought that Joan the bug lady might get this but it was tough. I thought Nessie was in Scotland. LOL She really did guess a cricket. Check out the leopard on her site.
#1 What buzzes like a bee, is colored like a bee and looks like a bee? Well, a Bee Fly of course. Check out those fly eyes. Have you ever captured one of them for your site? I thought the eye shadow might say fly to you. Whether in the sun or shade it has great wings.
It is on a different solid Green Hosta plant. Tipper was the first to say bee and Thumbelina said green fly. Combined, they got it. He is a neat little guy, about a 1/4" long is all.
#2 An old time gas nozzle out of history. You turned a handle to get the gas into the glass top and then let gravity fill your tank. We were in Amish country in Ohio. Mary and George made a good guesses but EcoRover guessed a gas pump. He has a neat site in Montana, very nice scenery.
#3 My Giant Blue Hosta after an overnight rain. The water droplets were sweet and pure nectar to the big plant. Notice how the leaves take the water to the roots. It is about 5 foot across.

Ann of The Tombstone Chronicler not only got the raindrops, she also got the Hosta plant. Way to go Ann. For all of you who tried to tell what the light reflection was; it is the sky showing between my house and the Ohio Buckeye Tree. I do hope this was a fun one, every one did really well.


Rose said...

I missed the fun, but would only have gotten the last one. I had just taken a picture of my hosta with raindrops on it over the weekend.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh dear, dear, dear!! WIll I EVER get anything right?? Just you wait, next week I am going to be a wiz at everything. :)

Thanks Tom. It has been fun as always. Well Nessie has not been seen for so long, she might have moved. :)

TSannie said...

NEVER would have gotten that second pic! Very good!

Karen said...

WOW...I was way off :-)

However, it was heaps of fun :-)

And I did notice the reflections in the raindrops :-)

Darla said...

Well my! These were good ones here. It's always fun to play this at your place.

imac said...

We ll done to the winner, great comps, keep em up.

Tipper said...

What fun!! I would have never guessed the pump-but should have gotten the hosta-I have a few just like it and I always love to see the drops of rain on them.

Thank you for the shout out!!

Pietro said...

Beautiful pictures, Fishing Guy! Very nice the close-up too.

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed them all. That's what I get for missing the guessing time.

I used to watch Mr. Boyer fill up the old Model T's and Model A's with one of those glass bowl pumps. You pump the gas into the glass on top to a gallon mark and as you said, gravity filled the tank.

I don't know how old you are but you might not know how gasoline was sold in those days.

You could never just pull up and ask for a dollars worth of gasoline. You had to ask for so many gallons since that is how it was measured out.

And some of the old cars had the gas tank under the front seat and some in front of the fire wall and those old early cars did not have gas pumps for the engine so you could not drive up a big hill like you can today as gravity would not feed the gas up a line to the motor up front. My dad used to have to back his Model T up the hills.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Shucks.... I first thought that 2nd one was a gas pump of some kind... Too bad I didn't mention that...

Great post, Tom. Wish I could do better.

Have a great evening.