Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Is It XXVII

My Worlld is below this post.

Let's have some fun this week on What Is It. There are my typical three and #2 is nothing like the other two.

Check out #1, what is it? This is pretty tricky, even for Joan.
#2 This one is just plain hard. It will take someone with a lot of knowledge.
#3 This could be the easiest if you are pretty sharp with your eyes.
Have fun with them and we will see.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

The first one has to be old Nessie as noone has ever seen her before.

The second is probably a ski-ing boot. I hear those steel caps are hell on the shins.

Now the third one has me puzzled? Did you spill your beer again?

LOL!! LOL!! Good ones Tom. You have old Joan stumped this week. :) I will e-mail you the other answers when I get home and then put them on your blog later. I am SURE I ALL of them this week. LOL!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love that bug shadow on the leaf!
The second, looks like a mechanism for pumping grease.
The third, I'm with Joan. Did you spill your beer? tee hee

TSannie said...

Stumped...first one, the shadow of a bee? Second, an old watering nozzle. Third, hosta leaf with dew...or rain drops???

Good ones this week!

Luke Wiley said...

The second is a shut-off valve for something.
Nice post!

Tipper said...

A bee shadow, a caulk gun, and rain drops on a leaf.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

These are always hard for me.
1. a plant leaf --with the shadow of a bug on it
2. some sort of tool/clamp
3. raindrops on a leaf/plant


fishing guy said...

Hi All: Some great guessing today.

Becky: What kind of bug?
Annie: It does look like a bee. Great guess on #3.

Craig Glenn said...

Hey Tom,

I didn't make it to Joans yesterday, she will get me for sure. Had 14 people over for M day and had to feed them all!

Here are my guesses...
1 - Grasshopper shadow
2 - Trigger assembly on paint sprayer
3 - water on leaf

Craig Glenn

Darla said...

Could that be an ant shadow?

A tool of some sort, pump?

rain drops?

Warren Baker said...

Got me stumped this time FG

Lanny said...

“Why I declare, Jimmy Cricket has left the hearth and gone a wanderin’ in the sun, I hope he don’t get his little self sun burnt.”

“Oh for cryin’ out loud. I’m not sure what to do with this stinkin ol’ tractor and this here tooly thing amabobber. I’m certain Dirt uses this to do sumpin when the tractor does its fussy thing, but I’ll be durned ifn’ I kin remember. I hope he don’t go ta yellin’ when he gits home.”

“Well there ain’t no use you cryin’ your silly blood stained tears on my perddy plant you just ripped outa the ground. I told you to simmer down before you came out to weed, you’re always so impettyous, I tell ya….”

In other words, I have no stinking idea!

Mary said...

1. leaf with bug shadow
2. water turn off/on valve outside. You attach a hose and lift the handle.
3. water drops on something
I really like the water drops...they look like jewels.

George said...

I don't know why I bother, but here goes:
1) the shadow of a bee on a leaf
2) the nozzle of a tank holding water or some other liquid
3) rain drops on a leaf

Thumbelina said...

I think the first is a leaf and the shadow of a bug on it.

The second.. hmmm. It looks like a clamp or a vice grip to me.

And the third - water droplets on some sort of material - a canvas I reckon. A tent?

I'll not be over for a bit - off on vacation! Yipee!

Thumbelina said...

Oh and what kind of bug? A greenfly.

EcoRover said...

The bee's knees, a gas pump handle (seeing as it's red), water droplets on a leaf.

imac said...

1)Bee or Bug shadow on leaf
2)some sort of fishing goods lol.
3)Raindrop keep falling on - a leaf.

Karen said...

1 ..This one has me a bit stumped. I alsmost thought it might be a bee climbing up curtains. I think it's a bee inside a flower of some sort, like a calla lily?

2 .. I think it may be a bottle top putter on thingy. Can't remember what it called. But it looks a lot like the one we used to use for putting the bottle caps on the beer and the ginger ale , that we used to make at home..

2 .. This one is really interesting as you can see the reflection of a child in a white dress and someone wearing read plaid shorts. Glass or crystal beads ?? On material of some sort ?

That was fun, even if I'm miles off the right guess :-)

Anonymous said...

With 18 answers ahead of me...I am bound to copy someone but here goes
1. Bee on leaf
2. Old Water Pump
3. Morining dew on leaves
Hope you had a great Memorial day FG!:)

Shellmo said...

Whatever Craig says I'll go with!

Shionge said...

Hey.....what fun there I can figure out the shawdow of a bug....(ladybird?)....a fire extinguisher???

Rajesh said...

I guess
1) Shadow of honey bee
2) cutter
3) Water droplets on cloth

Waiting for reality.