Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Is It - XXXI

My World post is directly below.

#1 Take a close look, you may get this one.
#2 This is a tricky one.
#3 What is the name of the two different different type animals in this shot. Look carefully.
Have fun there is something there.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Well Tom, considering I got a message to say I was you-know-who's favorite which I think is his way of say he is looking for trouble again, this week's is going to be easy.

The first one is definitely a shot of my hair when I wake up in the morening though how you got it is anybodies guess.

The second is the gear lever of my new car. For this you must have been spying on me.

The third is more trick, I am sure I see the eye of an elephant peeping out at me from behind that bush on the left, and in the middle of the pond, definitely the ripple are from old Nessie who who had one once before.

So there, now we will have to wait and see what bright spark comes up with. He is sure to be wrong again as usual. He has not spoken to me since I won last week...sour grapes as usual. BTW his mama told me what a crying jag he had. Pathetic!!


Tipper said...

Grass? No clue. Ducks and a squirrel?

Gaelyn said...

OMG Tom, you've died your hair red and green.
2 looks like a bridge I wouldn't cross because of some broken piece.
3 I see geese, maybe ducks, and water nymphs.

Craig Glenn said...

Hi Tom,

Let me say first and foremost, it is obvious who STARTS the trouble every week! I was going to be good this week, but I see the bar has been set and the game is afoot!

I could really be mean with your first guess J but somehow SA doesn’t seem that far away when you talk about a woman’s hair color… LOL, so I am going to let that one go for now…

However, one can clearly see that the first one is the fixin’s for a nice Sunday afternoon coleslaw!

J you know your car doesn’t have a lever, just a hole in the floor so you can push with your feet!

This is obviously all that is left of the orange flag to Tom’s outhouse. He told me that he installed the flag so everyone can easily see what direction the wind is blowing so they know where to setup to picnic table for the Sunday afternoon fried chicken and coleslaw dinner. Trust me you don’t want to eat down wind from the outhouse!

Elephant? J you spent way to much time in the sun way back in your bush days. Don’t you remember? Tom has a giraffe not an elephant, besides the giraffe is not even in this shot.

I do see that catfish up next to the bank and I am pretty sure I see an alligator snapping turtle sunning himself next to the bridge.

Thanks again Tom for another WIT game. This one was much too easy but I understand that you have to do this when you don’t send J the answers in advance like last week. I hope you got her my picture out last week as she has been constantly bugging me about it. I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the picnic.

Your friend and partner at the Institute of Better Science,

Craig Glenn

darsden said...

3 is canadian geese

2 is fishing pole holder

1 is monkey grass?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Tom. How can certain people say I start trouble when I am being so sweet? Did I say anything wrong there Tom? I think you-know-who goes out of his way to misinterpret what I write. Don’t you?

Coleslaw??? Oh my goodness, don’t tell me he EATS that stuff. I knew my hula skit was attractive in those colors, but I would not make coleslaw out of it. I am going to have to speak to someone about the eating habits of some people.

Craig: the second one about the car is so funny, I am not even going to comment on it nor about the outhouse. LOL!!LOL!! I will just let you take the honors for outdoing me on those. LOL!!

Tom: I still say he should be banned. What in the world will people think of your blog with all his wild answers on it. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom! Wow...you can pick some pretty hard pictures...that and I a horrible at guessing games....here are my guesses
1. A tree or bush changing colors for the fall....maybe grass?
2. Part of the bridge...maybe where a gate goes?
3.Geese and Ducks? there might be turtle popping his head up, but I can't make it out!
lol, that was fun....Have a great day...

Carletta said...

Not so easy:
1. some kind of grassy plant.
2. something broke on a ladder or a broken flag pole holder
3.Canadian Geese and can't tell for sure but maybe a painted turtle on one of those logs.

Craver Vii said...

1) grass
2) a holder for some type of flag or marker
3) geese & frog?

I don't actually see a frog, but I was expecting either a fish or a frog. Since I didn't see either, I went with the one that wasn't guessed yet.

-bro said...

Hey Tom, I told you I enjoyed this game but now enjoying the comments!! J and C are hilarious! I can't stop laughing.....Keep it coming , making my day.

One - purple fountian grass.

Two - I have no clue but can't stop thinking about the shifter.. too funny!

Three - would have to be Canadian Geese and fishes in the water. Suprised you didn't have a pole in there :)


darsden said...

1. red papas grass

2. flag cleat

3. mallard ducks

Craver Vii said...

With the angles on that heavy steel, I would say that the flag holder is on part of a bridge.

I was thinking that #3 was in the water, but without movement, I can't tell what's in there. For all I know, it could be your fishing buddy wearing a tee shirt that says, "If you can read this, I was pushed."

Craig Glenn said...

I though that bug lady would never go to sleep! She always has to get the last word in...

Notice I am not here to change/add to my answers! Unlike some people (bug lady), I stand by my answers and know I will have trouble sleeping tonight waiting for my winning announcement first thing tomorrow!

Of course there will be (Joan's) whining announcement to be dealt with as well. But what can you do?

I would like to commend some of the other players, they had some well thought out (wrong) answers. Unlike some people (the bug lady) who throw darts at the dictionary and hope for the best!

Craig Glenn

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Bro: glad you joined in but watch out for Craig, he is a meanie. LOL!!
Does this mean you are going to take Ton and Craig's side too? You men always stick together!! I am going to have to complain to the Bloggers Association or something. :)At least I am not like C and cry when I don't win.


Rose said...

What I thought has already been guessed, so will just say I am enjoying the run of comments!

eileeninmd said...

Your kidding right?

-bro said...

Thank you Joan. I have been sitting back and watching and LMAO for quite some time. LOL You and Craig are too quick minded and amusing. I will try and not take sides at least for a while..

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well....except for #3, I see Canada Geese and some kinda ducks.

Craig Glenn said...

Don't worry -bro, she is fast asleep (drunk) by now and won't remember a thing by morning. So you can go ahead and side up with Tom and I. Were you watchin' last week? Tom email her the answers and she still only got 2 out of 4 (1 of 4 if you don't play loosy goosy with the rules)!!! LOL

I only kid though, 'cause I love (tolerate) the bug lady very much.
She is a fine woman of much renown (controversy) in the blogging world. I suppose if you count the fact that she is published (reported) in more than a few "real" science studies on the internet, she would be considered some kind of authority (not the discovery channel mind you) in the world of nature.

You would think a women growing up (all those many years) in the cradle of civilization would be a little better at this game (highlight of my week).

Oh well... welcome to the show -bro! Enjoy...

Craig Glenn

SandyCarlson said...

I wonder about the first shot. And I wonder what broke in the second. And I wonder who is hanging with the Canada geese in the third. They have the run of the place, for sure.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: my inner alarm wakes me up ever two hours on a Tuesday so that I can se what lies, havoc and chaos you are spreading again and to let people see how much you suck these answere out of your thumb.

If you did not know Tom had an elephant as well as a giraffe it is not my fault. He has to keep these secrets from you or else you blab them to the world.

We will see who does the whining tomorrow. It really does not help if you are jealous of me. Maybe you should take Tuesdays off so you can sleep the whole day and not take part in this game you are ALWAYS loosing!!

Catfish? Turtles? My goodness!! What next??


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Bro: you will not take sides for a while? Seems to me that you have no choice but to choose to be on the winning side (mine) not the whining side (Craigs). LOL!!

He just has a big mouth 'cause he thinks he is safe as I live across the pond. One day is one that..... LOL!!

Craig Glenn said...

My goodness, does this woman ever sleep?

Craig Glenn

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Bro: if you believe anything Craig wrote to you, then you are crazy!! I am the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful person on the blogging scene. Just ask Tom and he will tell you. (Tom, tell the truth now!!) There is not a streak of madness or wine in me. I am the one who always behaves and tries to be sweet and kind to you-know-who but it is an impossible task even though I try to tollerate his Florida ways.

You should see his blog? It is full of reports of the police being after him, drunk and disorderly charges, and all the havoc you can think of.

Mine on the otherhand is full of flowers, hearts and goodwill towards everyone (except ykw). I just can't seem to be able to get rid of him. Why he picks on me I don't know. I am a frail, elderly, kindly woman. Goes to show what he is like.


Pietro said...

Tom, the first image looks like an abstract composition. I can't guess. Beautiful pictures!

Darla said...

Some type of ornamental grass, a broken ladder or stairs,
Canada Geese and Mallards

Carly said...

great pictures! I really like the way that you take ordinary objects and turn it in to an artistic photography.