Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My World is below this post.

I do hope I'm not being too easy today but after cropping to close on that one last week I thought I would keep them in the same arena of life.

#1 You have definitely seen this before. Maybe if you think hard it will flash into your mind
#2 Can you get this one? You have used it before.
#3 Something you see most every day.
Have fun, I hope you don't have to use a crystal ball to get them.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Tom. I am sorry but I have decided not to play at your guessing game this week although I enjoy it very much and will really miss it.

YKW (You-know-who) and Bro are picking on me too much and I am a frail, poor little old woman with a weak heart and bad eyesight, as my pills are finished and I cannot get to the doctor for more, I can’t take the stress of their abuse today. If I don’t sit down, my knees knock together most horribly at the though of reading the awful things they say.

I do apologize and hope I am feeling stronger next week. I don’t know why they are so nasty to me, especially YKW from Florida. I am such a nice person and never say one unkind thing to either of them but it seems they are like those school bullies you get in every playground.

Bug Lady

Gaelyn said...

OK Tom, I think you must have been out washing your car.
1-the lense on your parking lights
2-windshield wiper
3-reflection in headlight

You all should really stop picking on Joan so much, I mean she is old ya' know. ;-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

The first one looks like one of those flashing caution lights.
I'll have you know I have NEVER used one of those.
And there is NOTHING that looks like that on this farm. tee hee

Darla said...

An automobile blinker
Ice scraper for your windshield
headlight or the sun

Sandi McBride said...

Hello Tom, I had lost your site for a while, but found it again at long last! And I guess to say men are having a love affair with their cars is not to far off the mark! Glad I found you again!

imac said...

dont know
dont know

Have you ever been fenced in?
come and see.

Craig Glenn said...

I am so ashamed... :(

This will be my last post Tom...

Too bad... I really know the answers this week too.

I will miss your blog and the other one I so faithfully followed for so many months.

The internet is a cruel and bitter mistress... I will miss it.

Both Craig's

Craig Glenn said...

Ok, this is my last post... (really)

Gloom, despair, and agony on me
Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all
Gloom, despair, and agony on me

I know it's not original but who can say it better... I know I can't...


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now Craig, I bet you are just looking for sympathy because Tom's good pictures have completely stumped you this week. I know you are not in despair over me. (LOL!!)The only one who might sympathize is Bro and it does not look like he is going to be around to help you.

Lets see what wrong guesses you can come up with this week. Or are you chicken AGAIN??


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hey Gaelyn, I know we are friends but you might be stretching it with that "old" stuff. LOL!!

Lanny said...

Turn signal
Rear view mirror
and I'm baffled.

Mostly I am short on words and cleverness today.

Craig Glenn said...


I am only playing along now due to the three page letter of apology I just received from the Bug Lady. It was a long weepy attempt to beg for forgiveness for the harsh and undeserved treatment recently afforded to me by the aforementioned participant. I will try not to droll on and on about her tearful and heart felt apology but suffice it to say that I really felt sorry for the dear soul.

You are right too Gaelyn, I will try to be the bigger person here and try to draw from my good southern Christian upbringin’. Having a healthy respect for the elderly was something that was literally beat into you if you grew up in the Deep South. I guess I forgot some of these values and will do my best to make it up to the old bat… @#$%, I mean that dear sweet old lady…. @#$%, I mean that dear sweet Bug Lady.

Well as you can see this will take some time… Tom let me carefully weigh out the options for my official guesses… I will be back. It’s time for that old ladies nap and I have to write her a poem to read or she can’t go to sleep. I will be back soon…


Warren Baker said...

Got me this time Tom. First on e could be a traffic light.

Tipper said...

The only one I can make a stab at-the first one-maybe a light on a car?

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: Trust you to turn things around again. It was YOU who wrote to ME in tears begging me not to withdraw from this weeks game. I quote:

"My dear Bug Lady,
You are the sweetest, kindest person I have ever known. Ohhhh, the agony and pain... where will I find the strength to to go on... I am on my knees and beg you to forgive the unkid words I have been saying about you. I promise I will make it up to you by writing you the most wonderful poem ever written. Shakespear would have quivered in this boots if he ever read it."

and so on and so forth.... now I am waiting to read it with baited breath.

"Old bat"?? Make that TWO poems.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craig: You better hurry or some is going to get that second one. I do wonder where Bro is today.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Yeah, where is Bro. Hiding away until all the dust settles again I suppose. LOL!!

Craver Vii said...

The same arena of life? Well that makes it real easy.

1) Your Friday night dancing shirt.

2) Car mirror for checking your hair.

3) Scratched-up contact lens recovered from the dance floor.

-bro said...

Here I am !! I was quite shocked and disappointed as I read the posts that trouble maker would refuse to come out and play this week. I think someone is trying to draw me into a fight :) Glad to see they have come out and are back at it again.

1. I'll bet all parents eyes were on you this morning Tom, waiting at the bus stop just to get a picture. yellow flasher

2. I will leave this one for Craig and the bug lady.

3. Tom, you gave this one away when you said you see this every day. Sure looks like the bottom of my empty beer glass.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! You should have stayed out of it Bro now you have joined the war too. LOL!!

A troublemaker? Yes, I agree, Craig has ALWAYS been one. Then he tries to draw sweet ole me into it too. I have to defend myself don't I, after all he is bigger than me.


Craig Glenn said...

I agree with you Bro, she is quite the trouble maker! You wouldn’t believe the hoops I have had to jump through today!

Bug Lady: I don’t know about where you live, but in this country there is such a thing as copy write protected material! You can’t just go pasting stuff on the internet that someone said! Especially when it may or may not be true! These things are protected and cannot be reproduced in any way without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. So be careful there lady!

Ok Tom, here are your answers:

This hear is the reflector on your boat trailer

This is your boat as seen in the rear view mirror of your fishin’ truck.

This is obviously the glass porthole in the bottom of your boat. Down South we call it a red neck fish finder, don’t know what y’all call it up north.

There you have it! Another winning entry from the Institute of Better Science. Say goodbye to this weeks prize Bug Lady!


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I hope you two bullies realize it is PAST my bedtime. :)

Craig: I know you were hoping I would be asleep by now but I have been watching you again and there you go, causing troube and stealing other peoples answers again.

Just to keep the record straight, anything written is evidence and can be used against you in a court of law. (Just forget about the embellishments. LOL!!)

Goodnight...dont get up to any mischief while I am asleep. I will be back to check up on you both in a couple of hours. :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelley said...

Should I show my intelligence by guessing these incorrectly once again? LOL!
1. Bike reflector
2. don't know
3. Headlight

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

It is so nice to have everyone along and guessing again. Glad those personal problems were put behind you.

Craig Glenn said...

I thought she would never go to sleep! Now we can have some fun!!

There once was a lady who lived in a cave,
She’s a hundred and eighty and just can’t behave.
She takes good pictures and tells stories too,
You just can’t believe her, ‘cause none of its true!

If she tells you it’s an elephant just beware,
It just might be a giraffe or Kodiak bear!
But each week we forgive her and bow to her pleas,
She just can’t help that she has the old timer’s disease!


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

That lady that lives in the cave
was really trying today to behave.
When she reads what you wrote
in trouble you will be.
It will mean you will have to
get down on one knee.
Beg for forgiveness for all you have said.
Or she might decide to bash you in your head.
Retribution is coming for sure. Be afraid, be very afraid.
BTW: She isn't asleep, she is still reading this.

darsden said...

1. turn signal on a car

2. a debit card/credit card

3. looks like a beveled mirror

whose remote control plane is taking a dive..that has to stink that's a lot of money there!

darsden said...

Becky, your answers cracked me up by the way!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Darn right I am!!


Craig: Your poems are supposed to get you OUT of trouble not into more!!

Love it!!

Tom: Thanks. You just go right ahead and tell him. An I want to see him on that bended knee too. LOL!!

Love your poem too!!

You gys are great. Thanks you...now I AM going to sleep. LOL!!

Tina said...

Goodness Tom what have you started with these visiting bloggers? Such long answers to such short questions!!
Enjoying the bantering..:)

Craig Glenn said...

Hey that's an unfair tactic! being nice before you go to bed...


James said...

I give up. This a great idea, it reminds me of a magazine picture game when I was a kid.