Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Is It XXIII

What Is It is a little late coming out after a strange day. Fought through a headache then went shopping with the wife. These are three tough ones, surely my friend Craig will get a couple.

#1 Put your thinking caps on.
#2 The clue is right in front of you.
#3 this may be a dead give-away but I'm showing it anyways.
They are nature shots taken by me but where was I?


Craig Glenn said...

Wow Tom, Been to the zoo lately.

1) Buffalo
3) Giraffe

Let me think about number 2.


Craig Glenn said...

Ok number two is one of those African grazzing critters but can't think of the name.

Maybe Joan will at least get that one.

No doubt she will key off of my answers and claim she knew it before hand... you know how she is...

She wont be able to read this will she??? now I scared.


Shionge said...

Looks like a giraffee :D

Glennis said...

1. Horse coat
2. Goat ears and horns
3. Giraffe nose.
My best guesses. You do manage to find some difficult ones.

SandyCarlson said...

The first one is me with bed head or a buffalo with dread locks.

The obvious....I can't do the obvious. I'll stay tuned.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now Craig, You know your guesses are always wrong so why should I try to steal your answers. Here are the correct ones.

#1 Mountain sheep or goat.

#2 the year of the same animal

#3 giraffe

You know Tom, next time you want some of my wildlife pictures you can just ask for them and not steal them off my TV programs. LOL!!

Good ones my friend. :)

Of course your buddy in Florida is way off on his own things again. Naturally he cannot think of the name beause he does not know what it is in the first place and wants to see what I write. LOL!!

I hope you are feeling better now. Hugs.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Sorry Tom....
#1 is a camel

Luke Wiley said...

1) brown bear

3) giraffe

very nice one!

Lanny said...

You are at the zoo!

And number three is easy. The whole unadulterated ear of a giraffe!

Number two is painfully obvious, an ear, that had a id tag in it once and now not no more. Ouch!

Number one is someone's wooly coat. Please do not give them Dirt's number he doesn't need anymore shearing customers right now!

Carletta said...

Ok, you went to the Nashville Zoo and saw,
1. an alpaca or llama
2. ear of a goat
3. the underside of a giraffe's head

Will we get to see more?

Carletta’s Captures.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh my gosh Tom. I see now what I typed, it is one of those days!! LOL!!

These are my choices:

#1 Camel maybe alpaca
#2 Goats ear
#3 giraffe ear

It is Craig which is making me type the wrong things. LOL!! A bad, bad man that!! LOL!!

Darla said...

One: matted camel hair.
Two: Billy Goat
Three: Giraffe

Craig Glenn said...

oh Joan...

Keep guessing you will bet it eventually! lol

If I am so wrong why did you copy me!



Mary said...

1.First thought was sheep, but if you are at a zoo maybe a llama or alpaca?
2. I can see the horn, but don't know what animal it is. Something African, I bet.
3. Giraffe

The Birdlady said...

Been taking grandchildren to the zoo, have you? Fun!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well, I'm guessing you were at the zoo. Cause that last shot has got to be the ear of a giraffe.