Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is It XXIV

My World is below.

What Is It - Maybe I have been too tough lately. Let us try these three. Two from nature and one is man made.

#1 Now don't make this too hard. Do you see the heart?
#2 Look carefully before answering.
#3 You see this quite often around here.
Okay, there they are. Have fun.


Darla said...

First is the middle of a flower.
Second is a plastic chair.
Third is a pinecone or what's left of it from the squirrels..??

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

And here I was thiking I was going to get them all right this week!! :)

Phew Tom!! There is definitely something wrong with my thinking cap this week. That first one has really got me stumped. It looks like some kind of berry gone wrong in shape. :)

Okay I am going to guess a watermelon for #2 and a bulrush for #3.

At least I will get 2 out of right. Then along will come THAT guy from FLorida and try to outshine me again. My goodness but he does try hard I will give him that!! He just does not have my years of experience. :)


Sara G said...

#1 looks like a close up of the stamin of a lily
#2 ???
#3 looks like a cat tail!

Good pics, can't wait to see the "whole" thing!!
Take care

Gaelyn said...

1=the stigma from an edible gummybear flower which you've obviously chewed on.
2=plastic egg which is in the...
3=...pinecone nest of your exotic Heelu tree.

It's my first time playing here, so give me a break.

Warren Baker said...

Right them FG.....
1) is the centre of a flower - A stamen?
2) is...er.... a plastis ball of some kind
3) Is a Bullrush head.

Anonymous said...

Is the 2nd one a plastic kiddie pool? I'm afraid to guess the others, though! hehehe

Fish Whisperer said...

FG, looks like center of a flower, plastic chair, cats tail.
The blog looks great.

Craig Glenn said...

Don't worry Tom... I didn't forget you, I just wanted to go after that bug lady so she couldn't steal my answers.... again....

1) Flower Stamen
2) Scratched up lawn furniture
3) Cat Tail

Watermelon? LOL and I didn't see a bull rushing nowhere in that last photo.... That bug lady... gotta love her...



Craver Vii said...

I think (except for #2) they've been guessed already.

1. Stigma
2. Playground equipment
3. Cattail

Tina said...

1. the stigma of a flower
2. a frisbee
3. the bottom of a broom

Carletta said...

#1. The carpel of a plant - most likely a lily.
#2. A Frisbee.
#3. A cattail.

Darla said...

garden hose on number two........you are giving me a headache!!!LOL

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You have to be kidding!! If it wasn't for my brilliance, you would not even get one of these right Craig. Tom knows how clever I am and that he cannot fool me with these pictures he posts but I do not give the game away and give him the REAL answers by e-mail.

A city boy like you would not know a bull if it came up and stared you in the eye!! You would think it was a donkey or something. I HAVE BEEN TO SPAIN!! I know bulls have three feet, weight about 100lbs, are blue and wear hats. So there!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...
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SAPhotographs (Joan) said...



SEE CRAIG!! (Sticking out tongue) LOL!!

Love the pic of the fox Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mr Fishing Guy! What did you mean about the lilies & being #2? I don't get it!

Carolyn said...

1. Stamin from a flower
2. Some piece of plastic furniture
3. Bull rush
Are we having fun yet?!?!
I notice we all pretty good at the nature stuff it's that damn man made thing thats giving us trouble!

Luke Wiley said...

Another week of mysteries!