Monday, April 7, 2008

Captain Samuel Brady 1756-1795 part 1

Captain Brady lived 39 hard years. He was a part of Washington's Army until he was wounded. When he came home to recover, Indians had killed his uncle and his brother. He vowed to kill Indians in return. He went to Fort Pitt, that was at the present day sight of Pittsburgh, PA. He was under the command of General Brodhead and rose in rank to Captain.
The Cuyahoga River was the dividing line between the settled and unsettled territories at that time. General Washington told Brodhead to send a patrol to see what was going on in the Lower Sandusky area of Ohio. The year was 1780 and the British still had control of the West (West of the Cuyahoga River). They had made a pack with Wyandot Indians because the Wyandot Indians thought the British were going to win the war. Little did they know what problems that would bring them. The General sent Captain Brady along with four men and four Seneca Indian scouts to see what was happening. Everyone got captured except Captain Brady. He started a race with the Indians trying to get back to Fort Pitt. He barely stayed ahead of the Indians for the 100 mile trip to the Cuyahoga. There were two places to cross the Cuyahoga. Standing Rock where you could jump to the rock and then across and the shallows below what is now the wing dam in Kent. The Indians knew this and sent guards to both areas. Captain Brady first went to Standing Rock and saw the guards. He went down to the shallows and realized he was surrounded.
He made his way up to the race which was 22 foot wide.
He ran down the hill to the race and jump catching the branches on the far side.
While scrambling up the far side cliff, he was shot in the leg. The Indians saw no way for them to jump across there so they went downstream to cross which gave Captain Brady a lead. (TO BE CON'T.)
I have included a picture of the grain silo to give you an idea of how far we are from the wing dam on my previous posts.
Some kids are so inconsiderate of others when they tag a historical place like this. This was the write-up near the jump that was made unreadable.


Julie said...

Hello! What a fantastic time I just had reading your blog. I am in Australia. I have family near Pittsburg, it is my second home. It was so lovely to read (and view) the history, landscape and the birds! Thank yu for sharing... I am now in going to see what the time difference is and call my Dad!

Rosy said...

Very interesting history here! Something I never knew about before.

I am glad I came on over to your blog this evening. Thanks

Old Wom Tigley said...

I will read up more on this... I love blogging for times like this... I read and see stuff and it fires my interest.

What a shame that sign had been tagged.. or should we call it what it really is vandalised.

Stacey Huston said...

I love taking my boys to these historical sites. they learn so much more by seeing it than by reading about it in a book.. Thanks for sharing..

luiz.ramosforest said...

Traditions and history.
Very good.

Davy Jones said...

Very interesting. Captain Samuel Brady was my great x 5 grandpa. It's a shame about the sign but I'm honored to have such a hero as my direct ancestor.

nancy said...

samuel brady was also my 5 or 6x grandfather. I've heard a different version of "brady's run", Where he was captured and as area tribal chiefs congregated and celebrated brady's coming execution, brady either grabbed a baby or an indian women, threw her or the child into a fire and in the frenzy made his escape albeit naked on what is now known as Brady's Run road and Brady's Leap.

DCuillard said...

Reunion for all descendants of Capt Sam Brady and his grandfather, Hugh Brady, born 1709. Date: June 29 & 30 & July 1, 2012.Location: Old Brady Homestead, just north of Shippensburg, PA.
Contact for details:

Jeff Wilson said...

Fantastic, Sir! I am doing some research on Brady's Leap for a story in 'Ohio Legends' We all need to know the history about the remarkable folks who pioneered this land!