Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Josh Turner 'Everything Is Fine'

Josh Turner was a new singer in 2004 and I enjoyed his music. My wife and I went to Pepsi Roadhouse in PA to see him perform in 2005 and he was singing with Daniel Peck as the opening act. That was one great show. Josh is a family man and his wife is the back-up and keyboard on many of his songs. He has released his third album in late 2007 named 'Everything Is Fine' (this is Josh talking about the CD). My wife gave me a copy at Easter because I had mentioned I was looking for it because of the latest release. I also have his first Two CD releases which are winners.
His great bass sound again resonates though the songs on this CD. He reminds me of the great Johnny Cash when I listen to him sing. He was inducted into Grand Ole Opry in 2007 which is an honor for a young singer. He has received many awards and he and his wife had a little boy last year. He is touring with Carrie Underwood this year. Josh does a lot of ballads which I really enjoy. There are 12 songs and one is better then the next.

The CD named song 'Everything Is Fine' will do quite well when released.
The first release from the CD was 'Firecracker' a fast moving song about his wife. This is a cute song and a good video.
The second release 'Another Try' with Trisha Yearwood is a sure hit and hit #9 this week. Josh and Trisha did a great job on this love song. This has been my opening song on the blog for a while. I really enjoy the sound.
You have to check this one out Jedi. It is called 'The Longer the Wait (The Sweeter the Kiss)'. It has a Scottish sound and ends with the bagpipes closing the song.
'The Way He Was Raised' is an interesting story of Jesus and is a great song. I relly enjoy the way Josh tells his story. you can see Josh's faith in his songs.
Well how about Josh growing up, you have 'South Carolina Low Country' to hear his story.

'Trailerhood', 'Soulmate', 'Baby I Go Crazy', 'So Not My Baby', 'One Woman Man' and 'Nowhere Fast' with R&B Soul singer Anthony Hamilton completes the album.

This is the complete album and is only a sampling of how good it is. This is a sure one to buy if you like country music.


Stacey Huston said...

Ok, I think I have now gone through every utube song of Josh's. He did a beautiful job, on Always on my mind, and He stopped loving her today also... Now I HAVE to go get this album, Mike wants to know how to put songs on his site. so I will have to look into that.. THANK YOU for the beautiful music this morning.. have a great day!

Willard said...

Thanks for your visits and comments on my blog. They are much appreciated.

I like the music a lot. I am mostly a "Bluegrasser" and play all of the bluegrass instruments, except for the dobro, but I grew up with Country and really like it too. I'm glad you posted these songs.

Keep up the good work!

RuneE said...

Thank you for a nice comment to my Blog!

PS We still have fish here, too...

Anonymous said...

This is a great sound. I guess I'll look for his records here in Portugal.
Last time I went shopping I brought home with me J.J.Cale with Eric Clapton on their "Road to Escondido". Not the kind, but just to let you know.

Tom said...

I'll admit it. I ain't a country boy, but ya gotta love Josh Turner's voice. Wish I could sing like that.


Texas Travelers said...

Well I guess I will have to add some Country to my Music Widget.

Josh Turner has great style and a nice voice.

Thanks for the introduction.

I got here via SWF today.