Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Captain Samuel Brady 1756-1795 part 2

Captain Brady had just jumped the gorge and headed up the wooded hillside. He was wounded in the leg so it was good he had a lead. This was not a path but a wild wooded area of the country. Since he was wounded he was leaving a blood trail. The Indians crossed at the shallows two miles South (downstream) of the leap and then headed North (upstream) to pick up his trail. Captain Brady headed for Breakneck Creek. I'm sure even though he was wounded he was going at breakneck speed. There was nothing better the Indians wanted then to catch him as a trophy because he had been heralded as such a great Indian fighter. Captain Brady crossed the Breakneck Creek and headed for a lake that he had been to before.
He knew there was a fallen Oak on the lake shore that he could use as cover. He went into the lake and using a reed he submerged beneath the tree. The Indians found no sign of the Indian fighter at the lake when they got there.
They went to the other side and could not pick up a trail. Captain Brady waited until night fall and headed for Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) to report the strength of the Wyandot and that his scouting party had been captured. The fort was another 100 miles through woods and hills of Ohio and Pennsylvania.The lake was named Brady's Lake because of his exploits and later changed to Brady Lake. The small Village of Brady Lake was formed around the lake. The lake is spring feed and empties into a swamp. The drainage system is broken and and the lake is now flooding. The lake was later used to feed the Pennsylvania / Ohio Canal; but that is another story.

The story of Captain Brady is well know in the area and he is honored every year at Brady Lake Days. I hope you enjoyed the story of a historic Indian fighter.


KOSTAS said...

Marvellous the photographs amazing the history, very good post!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I enjoyed every word of it.. I have not had time to read up more yet on this area but will try to make the time soon.

Willard said...

Your series on Captain Brady is very interesting. I remember reading about this long ago and it is good to have my memory refreshed. Well done!