Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Random Photos

I was driving home on one of the first sunny days of the week and this little brook called out "Fishing Guy, come over here. I'm bubbling along putting on a show." Guess what, it was a pretty little brook. It even had a couple animal crossing.As I continued on my way I saw this Shetland Pony along the road. Her name was Bell and she had a foal during the Winter. The owner was friendly and allowed me to take pictures. She was proud of the little horse. Bell was a friendly little horse but she was really was camera shy.
When I got home there was progression of the flower beds. Here are some Daffodils that are coming up through the mulch at home.
I like the way these tiny Crocus forced their way around the rock surrounding it like a necklace.
Here are some tulips that came through the mulch recently and are thinking it is Spring.


Shionge said...

What a lovely pony FG....very very nice :D

Old Wom Tigley said...

I like Shetlands.. there is a farm nearby I sometimes walk past (not been there in a while)called 'Hard Times Farm' that keeps Shetlands.. I must get up there soon and get some pictures.
The rock reminds me of an hedgehog by its shape... do you get them over there?.
You asked what a Sheeps Head was on my mate Peters blog... Just what it sounds like.. the head of a sheep.. nip back over to Peters and look at that tree again.. can you see the shape of a sheeps head now?

All the best

guild-rez said...

The rock looks like a hedge hog:-))