Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strike It Rich VI Sweepstakes

I have to be the luckiest guy in the world. I just received a check for $2,100,000 from the NME sales Chairman. With this check, I can retire early and start to live the very good life. I can go visit Mr. Chinchilla and watch his HDTV.

Wait a second it says it's not a check. There must be some mistake. No, I have to call an 800 number and report my entry code. Wait a second, aren't they the ones that sent the entry code to my house? Did they forget the code which they sent? Do they have another reason for sending me this entry?

Wait, there is a disclaimer here. I don't have to buy anything. I didn't even know I was buying anything. I better look into what this NME thing is. Why it means DBA National Magazine Exchange out of Clearwater, Florida. My goodness, all this work to find they are a secrete Publisher Clearing House type scam where the drawing is done yearly. This drawing is on 2/2/2010. Isn't that truly amazing, they can bombard you with offers for 2 years in order to see if the number they gave you is a winner. You will probably end up on a lot of other mailing lists to boot. Maybe I should report this to Jedijawa. He is pretty good with these scams.

When something seems to good to be true, it is to good to be true.


Gina said...

Oh my goodness, what will they think of next! Just as well you read the fine print! :O)

jedijawa said...

That sounds a lot like my PCFS gift card scam that I've blogged so much about ... and had so many hits to my blog to find out the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Just received 2nd Notice pertaining to $2,100,000.00 indicating must activate ID # by May 29, 2008. Thanks for info. I will shred this notice too.

Janna said...

Thanks for your blog, I got a notice in the mail today and learned a long time ago to check it these things are scams. Your blog gave me all the info I needed to put this right in the trash.

Anonymous said...

I just got this in the mail, too. I am glad I read your blog.:) I will throw this in the trash. Does anyone really win something from this type of sweepstake?

Rob said...

Thanks for the info my friend I believe that consept if it to good to be true it probably is!!! people are such liars!!!

Anonymous said...

gina in goversville ny got the same sweepstakes offer ha ha ha glad i got to your blog,thanks alot i'm so glad i found this. for the frist time in my life i decided to ck. it out.

Anonymous said...

Another scheme to get rich? No, I've made it to the best of times, or maybe not. I must wait until 2/2/2010 to find out that I've received a financial windfall. Thanks to you info, I shredded this mail.

Anonymous said...

I received this sweepstakes notice too. I checked on line to find there has been a strike it rich sweepstakes
I-V as well and I haven't found any winners. Just shred the stupid thing.

nebay said...

Glad I have read your blogs. It will fly into the trash and there it will stay.

Anonymous said...

I just got one my self today, but it wasn't at home, they sent it to me at work.

KATIEE. said...

Thank goodness I read your blog. Thanks for it. I got it today ... & I'm def. gonna shred it.

Anonymous said...

I am in shock that I even found a site with this info, I just recieved my first but it is stated second notice... I appreicate your funny words about what we all know is a scam and nothing is free in the world, and who in there right mind is going to call in and say OK im ready for my check now???
they should be reported.
thanks all for allowing me to post.

Anonymous said...

I just got my notice in the mail yesterday and have to reply by June 18, 2009. Thank goodness I checked this out first.

Anonymous said...

lol same here

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I alway look these things up now and I is always a scam. Not that I though it wasn't, Ok I was hoping a little bit but I am not that niave.

Anonymous said...

I went online to check this out and found you. What concerns me is that these people zero in on retirement communities. I am not retired and I am going to turn on the local Central Florida media to this. I will tell them also about your blog. Thank you so much for saying it like it is.

sreed1968 said...

I called and gave them the ID #. As soon as he started to ask about credit cards I hung up.

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know, this scam is still around. I received my third notice yesterday in the mail. Took the first two to the post office thinking they would investigate. Guess we are on our own because now I have a third notice. If I won, just send me a check! I am not in a retirement community, and am not old enough to retire, so they are targeting other people as well.

Anonymous said...

Aaw leave them alone, by mailing out all those bogus potential winning numbers they're keeping the USPS in business

Anonymous said...

yep yep i got one to, but for even a scam they must be getting cheap mine says i can i win $1,100,000.00 lol if they send me another notice im just gonna write "return to sender"
right on the envelope with out even opening it cuz i don't want their crap

Anonymous said...

I got my notice today. I am retired but I'm definitely not that gullible.

Ashley said...

I got my notice 2 days ago and it expires tomorrow. So I figured what the heck I'll call and be able to share with someone all the lovely good news I'll get (just kidding). I called and they entered my number into a computer system, or they said they did that, then told me just by confirming that I will receive 2 watches a his and a hers with a diamond at the 12. Then they asked me which type of magazine I would want out of like 5 choices... So I played along and told the girl that I already had subscriptions to 3. She then told me that she could continue my service for $1.29 a week for 48 months. So I politely declined and she said that she was going to turn me over to one of her supervisors who could then confirm all of my information and they could finish the entry of my prize listing. Well next Demitri go on the phone and started talking about the magazines again. And he was going to throw in Money Magazine and Prevention magazine ALSO we were going to get a new portable electronic organizer... so exciting (NOT)! Then he went on saying how he got my b/fs info from our credit card company but only said it was because we either own a visa credit card or a visa debit. So at this point he asked me to go get my credit card so I could give him the last 4 digits of the card and the expiration date. I told him no I don't have the card and he told me to go get the billing statement because it would be on that... talk about pressuring me! I told him that we went green and dont have billing statements on paper! Then he started to get antsy and was like well I'll just send you over to the billing department and they can take a check. And at this point I've already told him at least 3 times no thank you as politely as possible. And of course I wasn't going to argue with anyone else so I hung up. But it is a total scam. They were reading from a paper you could tell just by talking to the first person. A really good market strategy by putting the woman on the phone first then the man.

Companies like that should get in trouble by sending out false ads. Its ridiculous I feel bad for the people who fall for that crap!

Firstlady2010 said...

Thanks for revealing this scam. Your blgs were very helpful. I no what to do.

Anonymous said...

This is great. I just got my own registered prize entry number! But mine is for only $1,100,000.00 and they addressed it to my maiden name, I changed my name 8 years ago. They could try a little harder.

Sonja said...

I have just recieved mine...It is for $ do need to call the 1-800 number before they can get that check out to me but it is all good as long as I call before Oct 7, 2010!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Sonja: Aren't you so lucky to have won all this money. LOL

Joey knows best!!! said...

You know, all you technically have to do is just call in, give the number and then hang up. you dont have to wait to be asked about magazines and your credit card number. you can enter in the sweepstakes and still win without getting 11 magazines for about 5 bucks a month.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Well Joey, not much question which company you work for. Good luck to you with this method of beating the system.

Anonymous said...

I did what Ashley did and my experience was exactly the same except I hung up when he started talking about my credit card. I'm really glad I found this.

Tara said...

My experience JUST NOW was exactly to the T the same as Ashley's, but I stayed on the line a little longer. I dont know how many times I had to decline but it was ridiculos. I talked to a lady, she transferred me to her supervisor, she transferred me to the billing dept. then they transferred me to something else to say more about the sweepstakes. Yeah, I was supposed to be entered into a $1,100,000.00 drawing but what the last transfer said (automated) was $45,000.00 This is absolutely b/s.

Anonymous said...
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cnfuentes said...

Thank you for your blog.Got this notice today. I'm glad I went online to verify if this was authentic.

Anonymous said...

I work for NME, which used to be Special Data Processing. The parent company is Think Direct marketing. I have always wondered if anyone actually won these sweepstakes or not.

Anonymous said...

well i had started to hope a little we could use the money. I also called and listened to their you can get this if u pay this and i replied i am not interested, so they transfer me to the next person and they say u can get this by just paying this i state that i am not interested. so they say well there is no purchase necessary to enter im going to transfer u then hang up :) what a wonderful scam so if u don't purchase something from them they hang up :) my letter was for strike it rich VII

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

It is amazing that someone working for this group could anonymous post what the group wants to say. All
I can say is keep posting and I will keep deleting it. If you want to add this sort of response tell me who you are. This Is My Blog BTW so what is posted is up to me.

Dave said...

That is right, it is your blog and your right to delete what you choose. I just find it funny that you delete a post simply because it doesn't fully agree with your opinion.

But you really think I'm posting on behalf of NME? Telling you to ask to be put on their no contact list and recommending you hangup before they even gave you their offer is a great way for them to increase their sales!

Come on, you hate the company, but at least think a little bit.

Yea, they try to sell you magazines. How exactly do you thing they generate the revenue in order to give away millions? Selling stuff to you doesn't make the sweepstakes a scam, that's all I'm saying.

Barry said...


"Strike It Rich Sweepstakes" and "National Magazine Exchange" are manifestations of ThinkDirect Marketing Group (TDMG)

From their own website:
"ThinkDirect Marketing Group (TDMG) is a Clearwater, Florida-based privately held company focused on cost-effective lead and sales generation for a wide-range of industries. With 25-years of experience conducting successful new customer acquisition programs, TDMG develops direct-to-consumer lead generation programs, giving our client partners the opportunity to leverage our resources, skills and experience."

Think Direct? More like Think Mailing Lists.

8285 Bryan Dairy Rd
Seminole, FL, 33777-1324, United States
Phone: +1.727.369.2700
Business Services: Advertising, Marketing and PR
Employees: 250 - 1000
Revenue: $10 - 50M
Ownership: Privately Held

From BBB (Better Business Bureau):

multiple locations:
16120 US Highway 19 N Ste 400
Clearwater, FL 33764
PO Box 9084
Clearwater, FL 33758
8285 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste 150
Largo, FL 33777


ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Inc.
16120 US Highway 19 N Ste 400
Clearwater, FL 33764-5748
(727) 369-2700 ext 2318
Additional Phone Numbers
(800) 579-5725
(800) 307-6247
(800) 479-6183
(727) 369-2888
(800) 579-5726
(877) 257-9184
(800) 596-2637
(800) 910-4352
(800) 308-6247
(800) 207-8171
(866) 374-9979
(866) 262-3051
(813) 535-0205
(404) 943-9005
(800) 684-9477
(866) 374-9981
(866) 312-4233
(727) 524-9100
(800) 420-5478
(866) 374-9911
(866) 873-1520
(800) 873-1520
(800) 235-6263
(800) 690-3623
(888) 790-4463
(888) 333-6247
(800) 693-9247
(800) 581-3305
(727) 536-6624
(888) 825-7733
(866) 349-2603
(800) 307-6247
(888) 727-6247
(800) 330-6247
(800) 444-6247
(888) 227-0999
(727) 815-8196
(800) 310-6247
(800) 316-6247
(800) 235-3630
(678) 935-7298
8285 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste 150, Largo, FL 33777-1306
Additional Web Addresses

On a scale of A+ to F

Reason for Rating
BBB rating is based on 16 factors.

Factors that lowered ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Inc.'s rating include:

384 complaints filed against business
Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
One serious complaint filed against business.

Factors that raised ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Inc.'s rating include:

Length of time business has been operating.
Response to 384 complaint(s) filed against business.
Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
BBB has sufficient background information on this business.

SO... what does all this mean?
Whether or not it is actually a SCAM (we still have yet to hear of an actual Winner from this "sweepstakes") it is definitely the work of SCUM... the kind of people that will push the limits of what is allowed by law, and occasionally (or frequently) violate it.

If you choose to deal with these people, you will most likely regret it. The "sweepstakes" is a marketing tool aimed at getting you to contact them so that they can push unwanted sales and abuse your personal and financial information. it has been dangled in front of us for over 3 years in it current form without any reward, so don't let false hope lure you into that nightmare of abuse that these people are notorious for.

Order your magazines from a reputable source, and buy a lottery ticket. You'll be happier for it.

Ron said...

I just recieved a Strike it rich sweepstakes for $1,100,000.00 in my Grand mothers name. Wow, I acted out the old lady scene, to see how they would act and they told me I got 2 free diamond watches, and 5 free magazine subscriptions, then asked if I had a visa or credit card? Wow these people really tried to work me when I told them I didn'thave my credit card they asked me to moneygram a check to western union, these people would not let me go, they had an answer to everything. I cant believe I talked to three different supervisor and whoever thy are they have to be a Scam, Wanting the elderly money.

vivaVALLEYviva said...

I'm on their 'what will they think of next' list... STRIKE IT RICH VIII! YAY I can wait until 2014! OR, I can get a job, save and invest wisely; and keep my credit where it is at TYVM!

Anonymous said...

National Magazine Exchange (NME) is a subsidiary of Special Data Processing
(SDP), a phony sweepstakes clearinghouse located in Clearwater, Florida.
This is one of many groups that send out mass mailings telling people they
have won a prize, or that "we have been trying to contact you regarding your
prize". If you call, they will either try to sell you magazines, AT&T phone
service (yes, they will slam your service), or a travel club membership (in
which the primary benefit is you can receive "specials" already available at
your local travel agent).
NME claims to have had a sweepstakes every year for the past 16 years, but
no "grand prize winner" has ever been awarded a prize in their sweepstakes.
NME's last major sweepstakes lasted more that 3 years before a drawing was

Be advised this company will not even do business in its own state of
Florida. That is because they have been told their scam will not be
tolerated in the state of Florida - they would lose their business license
were they to try this scam on locals.

Anonymous said...

Barry's Dec. 10, 2011 is worth reading and saving. Nailed it! These hucksters have been around for yeeaaaarrrrs...and, yeah they keep changing names & opening new addresses. The Tampa Bay Times has a hilarious expose from 2010

Mother Nosebest said...

Barry's informative post was ACTUALLY dated December 21, 2012 (see, above). Nice work. Check out,, and
As well as story titled "Sweepstakes Winners
Complain..." These scoundrels really walk the razor edge between marketing and fraud. The people they strong-arm and fool are hapless victims. Crooks prey especially on the old, feeble, gullible, and confusable. ... Get your dead-tree glossies directly from the actual magazine Publishers instead. Don't gamble: put extra $$$ in a Savings Account & leave it there. And NEVER, NEVER EVER call these turkeys back, that only verifies your home phone as Active and Available to Screw!!

Anonymous said...

Check around and you'll see these rats being chased by the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Trade Commission; and the Attorneys General of many States.

Haider said...

Here's the Tampa Bay Times article you can find archived at full of details about angry customers and disillusioned contest entrants, with revealing company history. The title is: Sweepstakes 'winners' complain about charges from National Magazine Exchange

By Ivan Penn, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, February 27, 2011