Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Finally Got Out Fishing

The reasons why you don't fish are many and varied. You have snow storms, cold weather, rain, work and the dreaded Taxes. Well those are all done so now I have truck problems. I'll have to see how that works out.

I headed for the lake to fish from shore. Shore fishing is better then no fishing but a rainy start didn't deter me. So I headed to Lake Hodgson in my car.
You can fish the boat off the first road to the left and walk through the wooded area to the small opening where I see the people trying to fish when in my boat.
I always talk to my buddy Russ when I go out. I usually stop when leaving to report and get updates on the fish activities. The lake has a small fee to fish and launch your boat. It pays for the stocking and controlling the fisherman's' action at the lake.
It was warm but a dreary day and the water was dirty from the recent rains. This will eventually heat up the lake. The put and take trout are slowing down and I hoped to pick up a few crappie.
This is what I caught off a minnow on a bobber at 4 foot in eight foot of water. I thought I had a trout the way it fought it way in but was a bullhead catfish. You have to be careful with the three sharp spines. The water even in the bay is cold and another week and there may be some activities with the crappies.
I get my bait at Don's Bait and Tackle not far from the lake. The owners Don and Jackie are nice people and have always treated me fairly. I have quite a few pictures in their hall of fame books.
I'm not a ecology nut but despise the way people treat the lake. I always pick up around the dock area when I bring my boat in to dock. Since I was shore fishing I found a plastic bag on the shore and filled it with trash from two of the areas I was fishing. The haul was a bottle of gin, a bottle of rum, two Smirnoff Ice, 6 cans of beer and miscellaneous containers/line/food bags. This is not right for people to treat this beautiful section of woods like this. What do you think of what has been done? I carried the trash to a receptacle that the lake uses to recycle and the proceeds takes care of the lake's dog (Luther).


Jackie said...

Did you keep the catfish? I gotta know :D

And yeah, it sucks the way people leave their trash everywhere.

Thanks for the great fishing post. I haven't been getting out nearly as often as I'd like, but hopefully that'll change this year.

Sandpiper said...

Nice that you were able to get out and do some fishing.

I am always amazed when I walk on a beautiful trail and people just toss their trash around. I don't understand it. They go there because it's beautiful and then trash it?

Rosy said...

Look to be a nice catch there with the catfish.

It is nice to know that there are other people out there that is like me who also pick up garbage that other people leave around. I find it so disgusting when I see garbage left behind which makes me think that some people has no respect for nature at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks my friend for your nice words on my special day.

Seeing all these photos I can only say "hi, hi captain! Sailor Quin at your service!"

Liquid said...

That looks fun!

And yeah, did you keep the catfish?

Have a super day!

Anonymous said...

I used to fish all the time. Then I was sitting along the Stillwater River one Sunday and heard a far off siren. I thought to myself that could be my family I had left when I went fishing. I quit fishing that day and never started up again.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Woohoo.. great to get out there again, hey? Great photo, great fish!

Isn't that a shame that folks will leave the lakes in such a state... tsk tsk.
I have done just that and will collect the garbage around my little area that I'm standing and will put it into the garbage bin. I just cannot stand to see it... thank you for doing that!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

It nice to see the Fishin Guy a fishing at last..
I enjoyed reading you post as I always do, but like you was saddened by the mess folk had left. One place my friends fish now stop you from taking cans and glass bottles around the lake. The place as camping... and as provided BBQ area's, toilets and such like.. it is kept as clean as can be but some still leave rubbish. Spoilers that what some folk are..

None the less I will not let that or them spoil your enjoyment.. I take my hat off to you for removing their junk.

fishing guy said...

Hi All: Thanks for your nice comments. The catfish is still in the lake swimming around. I still have crappie fillets in the freezer.

Stacey Huston said...

Glad you got to get out there and go fishing anyhow. I don't get why people do what they do.. We always spend several days cleaning up along newly opened roads in the spring, all the trash,(beer cans) left from people in the fall, and continually pack out others trash all year long when we are hiking. Gets irritating. I feel sorry for these people for they will never see the true beauty that surrounds them each and every day, and they will always be caught up "searching" for happiness. thank for helping to clean things up for the next time, and congrats on the first fish of the year, hope you get your truck fixed soon..

DaveM said...

Why do people leave their rubbish, it beats me.....maybe we should beat them!!!!! Its a strange mentallity they have after travelling to a beautiful place why spoil it with rubbish. Nice pics. Did you eat the fish?

Lilli & Nevada said...

wow that is a nice catfish , i love catfish if someone fixes it.
Thanks for the information on the buzzards

Salty said...

I'm glad to see that you got out to the water. sorry that your truck kept your boat home. As a boater for most of my life I completely understand the problems associated with boats & trailering. A friend once said that a boat is a bucket with a hole in it (dollar wise).

As for the littering, it is a problem everywhere that people go. Some folks cannot comprehend that others don't want to see what they are to lazy to carry out. I don't understand their way of thinking but am glad their are tose like you who pick up after them. Good luck on the truck, fishing is improving every day now.

Willard said...

Great post! I can relate to it being hard to get away. I wanted to go to Elk County for 3-4 days each month this winter and spring, but then I had surgery and my Dad had a hip replacement and I must still keep a close watch on him.

I like your point about the trash too! It always amazes me when people trash public property. When I worked for the PGC we had a lot of problems with vandalism (tearing down signs, etc). I could never understand this as this was someplace the public was welcome. The littering is often thoughtless, but the vandalism is just certain peoples' destructive nature rising to the surface.

Sandy said...

It really bothers me that there are so many people (and I use that term loosely) that have no respect for the land. Thank you for cleaning up!