Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Potpourri - Bees And Me

For my Wednesday Potpourri, I thought I show you some bee shots. I really like the shadows on this shot. Sometimes the camera sees what you don't and gives you a gift. Look at the bee as it makes it's approach to land on the flower in the shadows above the flowers. Try to find a bee in this one. You may have to make it bigger to see the little bee. It was a mean little bee or wasp and harassed the honey bees.

Here is another one to search for the bee or is that to search for a bee butt.
I was back at the rehab again today and was on the pedal machine. This is my third exercise and was sweating a bit. I was still smiling as I put on the miles. I was really zipping along don't you think.
I was wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James jersey in honor of their 13Th win in a row. They now have 36 wins to 1 lose on their home court and have won 61 total games this season. These are all Cavalier team records and the league MVP, Lebron James, is a very big part of the reason. Cleveland finally has a team for which to be proud.
This is another Kentite who came up to me and said hi the first day I was there. He is a college professor at Kent State and has a connection to one of my daughters. He was kind enough to allow me to take his photo.


Shellmo said...

You're working out hard! In no time you will be running marathons! :-) Loved all your flowers!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That first picture is amazing.Love the shadows.

Rose said...

The third one down is a lovely, lovely shot.

Leedra said...

The 2nd photo-bee in right upper corner, higher than any of the flowers.
The 3rd photo- bee in lower portion, on flower sorta on the right flower.

Love the flowers in the 2nd and 3rd photos.

Look like you are really going at it.

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Mary said...

Beautiful flowers and looks like you are doing great on the machine!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Tom, You look great!!!!! Don't know if I'd be smiling on that thing!!!! ha...

Your Cav's sure are eating their Wheaties---as opposed to the Browns!!! ha

Thanks for the BEE pictures. We've got 'em all over the place here now too.. Spring has sprung.

Luke Wiley said...

Love those crocuses! nice shots of the exercise machines as well!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I like your smile today. It means you were happy doing you exercise. :)

Found both the bees. Nothing gets passed my eagle eye. :) I especially like the second pic Tom. Good work, one of these days we are going to have to start comparing macro's. :)

Anonymous said...

I admire you and your friend for your determination to get it right in exercise. My wife asked my lung doctor if we could do this and he told us it would not work for me. I guess my lungs are too far gone. So, I just think about it.

Lawstude said...

i think the bee on the second pic is in the bricks but i really can't find the bee on the third one.

you are looking fine FG. i am so glad you are recovering well. hang in there my friend.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I love the shadows and the bee butt. He was really digging in there!
And I like the pics of you, getting yourself healthy again.
Small world, seeing someone who knows your daughter.
How is the leg thing coming along?

George said...

It looks as if you're enjoying all that exercise. Do you think this is the years the Cavalier's can go all the way?
Great pictures, by the way.

NCmountainwoman said...

Great bee and flower photographs. Glad to see you are doing so well in Cardiac Rehab. Man, if you make it through there you'll be ready to climb mountains. Way to go!

Tipper said...

Your Bees are my favorite subject that you photo-so neat to see them buzzing about!

Good to see you working out too!

Esther Garvi said...

Thanks for letting is in with you Tom! I wish you the best of recoveries!!

Jo Castillo said...

Those flower shots are just beautiful. You look like you are having fun. Must be something like my sketching ... a sort of enjoyable chore!