Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Is It - XX Answers

Well, here are the answers to the What is it..

#1 My daughter spotted this in the water and said someone had been fishing. This is a fishing bobber that was lost by someone in the Beaver Pond in the CVNP. The red and white is a dead giveaway for any fisherman. A bobber holds the bait off the bottom. Imerie and Annie got this one.#2 This is Skunk Cabbage because of the smell from the plant if you rip the leaves. It likes wetlands and dampness as it grows. Congrats Annie for knowing this plant.
A shell from a Globose Snail, can you believe it. It's a lot easier when you see it all. Someone had some Escargot for dinner, the shell is empty. I don't know what the little bug looking things were on the shell but they added to the lack of identification. Look how small they actually are about 1/32".
The guesses were fun and I hope you enjoyed the sport.


Darla said...

These were fun too!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oh dear!!! I guess I am going to have to give up on these Tom as it seems that when I guess the correct things you go and change the photographs on me. LOL!!

Just kidding of course. :)

Good ones this week too Tom. A pity we have to wait for next week until the next one, but wait until you see mine on Monday, it is DIFFICULT!! :)

Revenge my friend, revenge!! :)

TSannie said...

Dang! Snail never even crossed my mind! This was fun, FG!

Mary said...

I always seem to miss your questions, but that makes it easy for me to know what they are when I find the answers :-) I would have gotten the bobber right!

lmerie said...

haha! A snail! Skunk cabbage ay? Learn something new everyday!

imac said...

These certainly had me foxed Tom, good ones.

Tom said...

Tom, very nice, at least we were in the right ball park with a mollusc.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, your photos boggle the mind! Fun.

Jo Castillo said...

By the way, I wouldn't want to eat escargot with bugs. Heh.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Knowing you, I knew that the first one had something to do with fishing... I have never seen that nasty cabbage plant, but I wondered if the third one could be a shell of some kind.

This is SO hard, Tom... I guess it's hard because the things you photograph are so much bigger in the pictures than in real life.


Lanny said...

Thank you Doctor Fishing,

I've never gotten an analysis returned to me in such a manner, it confused me a bit but in response to your analysis of my answers I must say:

I do feel that you should wear stunning classic clothes no matter what you do even when you are a bad golfer and hit the little ball in one of those beautiful ponds they are always trying to avoid. What could be a higher voice of fashion that a red spectator? I wish people would dress up more.

You're right and I have been cleaning my little heart out, my house too, but still regular life knocks frantically on the door. I'm worried something is going to be left undone.

Baby? In my future? Terrific! Then my second oldest must finally have some good news for us. Or it might just be my youngest daughter's dog wanting to have her puppies on our, bed.

Thanks again Doctor Fishing you have been a great help I feel so much better now that I have uncovered those hidden emotions, and look I didn't use one single Kleenex!

Those pictures are never what I see them as, odd that I got one right, I must be getting weller.

Ta ta,

Denise said...

Very interesting shots. I was too late for guessing but I think they would have had me foxed.

George said...

Thanks for letting us know the answers. Hopefully I'll do better next time.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I don't really know the answer either.

Tipper said...

The only one I knew was the bobber.

John Long said...

Looks like I was way out on my guess.