Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Is It XXIII - Answers

What great guesse we had this week and all were guessed correctly.

The first one is moss that was growing on a driveway culvert, I'm not sure where the shells came from but it made it trickier. Joan from South Africa was right on the moss with the first guess. She had the nuts from a mahogany tree on her site this week. Boy did I blow that guess even with two guesses. Check out her site. The second was a deer's footprint in the mud near home, this is a place the deer have crossing a lot and you can see the trail. Becky got this one, she must have a deer crossing her NC farm. She always has neat stories.
I found this shortly after I had seen seven deer crossing a railroad track bed.
The last is my gardens mortal enemy the groundhog. They love to dig under my fence and eat my vegetables. Willard was the first to get this one. He is a super wildlife photographer from the mountains of Pennsylvania. Check out his site for great photos.
There were some great early guesses a lot of other people did well on the answers.


Luke Wiley said...

I love the one of the groundhog!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Ditto what Luke said!
Believe it or not, I was gonna guess a groundhog tail end. Then I thought, Nah, that ain't it.
Guess I should follow my gut instinct, huh?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---I did pretty good with them this week, Tom. AND---I didn't look at the other posts!!!!!

I despise Groundhogs (or woodchucks as some people call them). I haven't seen on around here in a couple of years--but we had one one year that drove us crazy!!!!


Pietro said...

This is a splendid sequence of pictures, Fishing Guy.
I always find difficult to guess the particulars in a photo.
Have a very good day!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

YIPPPEEEEE!! I got one right!! At last!! I did not think it would ever happen. I am still convinced that there is a stick insect in it though. LOL!!

Thanks for the mention again. :)

Ferreira-Pinto said...

You must see things on the bright side ... at least the groundhog gave you the chance to get a great shot!

Darla said...

These were hard. I didn't have as much time to sit and stare at them this week. So I took some WILD guesses....It's still fun even if you just throw an answer out there.

Mary said...

Those were very tricky and I have proven that I'm a terrible guesser and very unobservant :-) Will try harder next week.

Christy said...

I guessed them all but the last one. I love reading your blog with my two year old. I was scrolling through to see the answers and he saw the deer and starts hollering "deer, mumma, deer" and then I get to the groundhog and he is telling me "a mouse" and all I can think is if that is a mouse I definitely don't want to come across its path. Great shots and I am enjoying the What is it postings.

lailani said...

Ahhhh, a groundhog! I can see it now!! haha

George said...

You had a nice picture of the groundhog even if he does do a number on your garden. All in all I think I did fairly well on these.