Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What Is It XXXIX

My World post is directly below.

#1 Don't let the color fool you. A photo straight from nature.
#2 This one is a little tricky so good luck.
#3 I know one person who should get this one.
Have a lot of fun with these three, surprise me. I will be travelling to an out of town funeral today and will get back to you when possible.


Craig Glenn said...

Good morning Tom.

This should be a piece of cake compared to that Fern Frond fiasco!

Fern Fronds???

Oh well she is getting up there you know... Bless her old pointed head...


Since I was away last week I missed the name of the berry's/fruit in your header photo but I am going with that for number 1.

Obviously the south end of a north bound mule that looked back at Gomorrah and turned into a pillar of salt!

I am going with a close-up of a wrinkled old safari guide! No one we know of course! LOL

Thanks for naming me the winner last week! This should be my second in a row! YAY ME!

Craig Glenn

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! Caig you clown!! I am having a good laugh at this again.

Now seriously ..... You stole ALL my ansers again except for the last one of course. Anyone can see that is Daisy's new blanket.

I am going to give my ansers as these:

#1 The berries from your header
#2 The hind side of a rhino statue
#3 A tapestry

See Craig, it is easy if you just pay careful attention. No more of those liquid lunches please or is it still the effects from the cruise? :)

Craver Vii said...

Craig's back!!! Hi Craig!

1) hazelnut.
2) a lion's rump
3) the top of a lion's back

#3 also looks like a chiropractor's view of a hairy patient.

Darla said...

Top of a mushroom, the back end of a horse statue, and the third one looks like threads in some type of fabric....gee!

Anonymous said...

I'm stumped!

Craig Glenn said...

What's up with Bro? I heard he got one last week? Must be waiting for Tom's email... Just copy my answers Bro! That's the safe bet!


-bro said...

Yes, I got one right last week. First time ever and the Bug Lady laughed at me ...ice?? But that's ok. Paybacks

If I didn't know better 1. looks like the bruise on my chest after getting hit with a foul ball last weekend. So I will say the bottom end of a pumpkin going bad.

2. Very much looks like the south end of a north bound bull.

3. Is a moths wing.

Thanks for the email Tom, or am I not suppose to say that on here.

Tipper said...

I'll just have to come back and see what they are-I haven't a clue this week.

Lawstude said...

my guesses:

1. bottom of a pumpkin;
2. rear of a horse' statue;
3. a leaf.

wild guesses lol. take care.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Bro: So I am still in the dog box am I? Okay, I know just how to get out of this one....

hugs kisses huggs kisses hugs kisses hugs kisses hugs kisses

There, now I know I am forgiven and we are friends again. :) (Women are SO devious - they know JUST what to do). LOL!!

Your answers this week are worse than Craig. Are you two guys NOT getting toms e-mails? Left to your own devices like this there is no telling what you will see in things.

Lets face it guys, there is only ONE set of correct answers here and thos are from the BUG LADY who knows all. :)


Superman said...

I think the first one is plum. The second and third...I don't know.

Craig Glenn said...

Ugh this is so typical of you two! Tom with his big heart will most Likely give you both props tomorrow. It is refreshing that they admit that Tom helps them out every week.

Oh well. Being the good southern gentleman that I am I am happy for u both.


Paul said...

Those are kinda tough. Let's go with:
1. Plum
2. Rear end of a fiberglass bull statue
3. moths back.

I am probably way off!

Carletta said...

Is it just me or are these harder than normal?
1. I'll go with the berry idea.
2. Definitely the rear end of something. I'll say a statue at the Wilds.
3. That one looks creepy.
The inside of a buckeye pod? Or a bad tweed coat. :)

Luke said...

1: top of a peach

Pietro said...

Tom, it's so hard to guess!

Gaelyn said...

1-cranberry (come on Craig read the back posts, what else do you have to do?)
2-north end of your south facing cow statue.
3-couch fibers.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: Thanks for the belly laugh. I almost fell out of my chair and the tears are still streaming down my face. I have not laughed so much in years!!

"good southern gentleman" LOL!! LOL!! WHEN?? Not on Tom's site anyway.

LOL!! (Now I'm dead meat but I could not resist.)LOL!!