Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Is It XXXXI

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#1 Could be really easy or really hard depending on what you see. #2 this could be a real fooler, I hope the crop doesn't mess you up.
I will be travelling on Wednesday so will only be able to give credit on today's guesses.


Gaelyn said...

1-You either have a very rare and exotic "Bark Dog" or you dropped the chamois after wipeing down your car.
2-Why is that Persimmon standing on its head?

Have a great time wherever you journey Tom.

Tipper said...

Well for 2 weeks in a row-I have no clue : )

Warren Baker said...

First one looks like peeling paint FG. Havn't a clue on the second one!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! Gaelyn you are a card!! :)

Tom: This is quite easy again this week...
#1 Peeling paint
#2 Apple

Now Craig, please get your own answers... :)

You too Bro... :)

Craver Vii said...

1) Soot-covered paper from the bbq grill.
2) An apple (upside-down).

Gaelyn said...

OK Joan, those would have been my second guesses.

Lanny said...

You know I think my answers have more to do with what I have been doing than what the item really is, but here goes anywho.

Number one - peeled paint. (bark most likely but peeled paint was what I saw first.)

Number two - persimmon. (It is one of the two accent colors I am working with right now and clearly it is the fruit pictured here as it certainly is not aubergine.)

Safe travels for you.

-bro said...

Hi Ya'll,

I see both answers are out there already.

1. being peeling bark.

2. an apple.

Carletta said...

As soon as I saw the photo I thought persimmon as well. The color seems to fit.
The other to me just doesn't look natural for bark so I haven't got a clue. :(

Nicole said...

1. Looks like some kind of bark, maybe beech?
2.Some kind of fruir?