Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Is It XXXX

My World post is directly below.

It is my 40TH What Is It post so a prize is in order. Some are hard and some are easy, but which are which.

#1 Is something everyone should know.
#2 Starts to get a little tricky.
#3 Now put on your thinking caps.
#4 Something I'm used to seeing, what about you. I want the kind of tree in case you thought it was something else.
Have fun and get one to get in the drawing.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Okay got them!!!

#1 Dried fern leaf
#2 Weed
#3 Lichen
#4 Moss

Craig: do NOT steal my answers again. LOL11

Jenn Jilks said...

1) dried fern leaf
2) milkweed seeds
3) lichen
4) tree bark

Darla said...

I thought fern leaf as well, (not stealing your answer, I'm not anything like Craig)
Some type of ornamental grass.
don't know the third one.
Buckeye Tree

Twisted Fencepost said...

The first one is a dead fern leaf.
The second looks like dead milkweed.
Third, lichen??
Fourth, buckeye bark??

Dimple said...

1-bracken fern
2-thistle seeds
4-birch tree

Thanks for the comment, I will remember my location next time!

Gaelyn said...

I think most everybody is right already, but here goes
1-dead fern leaf
2-milkweed seeds
4-bumped spot less bark on the buckeye next to your driveway (Is that specific enough?)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Darla: dont worry it is only Craig who seals my answers as he does not have an original thought himself. LOL!!

(sorry Craig - you know I have to have a dig at you when ever I can. You are still my best and favorite. ) :)

Craver Vii said...

1) I don't recognize that type of leaf, but it reminds me of the song in Toy Story. You know... You Have a Frond In Me.

2) Milkweed?

3) Frosty holly?

4) Buckeye?

Must I always answer in questions??

Darla said...

staying with a fern leaf for number one ,the second one might be dry buckeye blooms.....the third, is that ice on there? Fourth--do ya'll have Oak Trees? LOL these are hard this week!

Craig Glenn said...

Yea that’s right Darla, I saw your answers, I will NOT be coping them! LOL

Tom has really thrown y’all off this week. Good thing I stopped by!

Very nice capture of the tail of a Praying Leaf Mantis.

Spun Vanilla beans used to make Bryer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream. YUM

Fossilized leaf litter from the remains of Pompeii.

The remains of a lava flow from one of the Hawaiian islands, probably Maui.

They were a little tougher this week Tom so that probably explains all those wrong answers you got before me.

Craig Glenn

Craig Glenn said...

Don't worry Bug Lady, as I have not found you yet on my blog and I have no actual photo of what you look like... (you see where this is going, so you might want to be nice to me!)


Besides I have nailed it this week! I am winning that prize!!!


Craig Glenn said...

Also please note that Bro has waited for me to give the correct answers this week again. I am sure he will be on here soon with the help of my great guesses!



SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: YOU dont have to find Bug Lady but sure as shooting I know Sara will. :)

Once again you are jealous that I have aced it again this week. You might now and then get one out of four correst but I always get 4 out of 4 right!!


-bro said...

Well I have been watching Craig but am not going to play this week. Tom picked trees because he knows I know nothing about them and that was mean. He asked me one time in his yard, what kind of tree is that and I said a big one. Then he said what kind of tree is that one and I said a little one. So you see I won the last two weeks so he thought, he would pull a fast one and he did.

Besides I think the Bug Lady is mad at me over last week.

Thanks Tom I hope your happy :(

imac said...

Good luck to all.

The Birdlady said...

I got them, but it's sort oflate, huh? They are very cool!

Craig Glenn said...

Oh Bug Lady, now you have gone and hurt Bro's feelings. I suggest you owe him a poem!!!

What do you think Bro? Would that make you feel better?

As far as Tom goes... well, what are brothers for? LOL


-bro said...

Thanks Graig, and oh by the way, I have a picture of the Bug Lady if you would like it just email me and I will sent it your way :)

Craig Glenn said...

sure i guess your email is bro@texas.com right?

Sandi McBride said...

1. A leaf calling it day...
2. Looks rather like Dandylion remnants
3. I love lichen and wonder why anyone would want to remove it when it does no harm to anything and gives a wonderful look of age to everything...
4. Not really sure...

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craid and Bro: Here we go agaib!! As soon as my back is turned the two of you are off speaking about me again.

No Bro, last week I LET tou wind and the weekbefoe I let Craig win. I am never unfair and play the game so that we each get a turn. Tom would NEVER do that and I am sure he has a good reason for posting these picures.

Please pass that picture of me along. I would live to see it too. Did you take it on Halloween?? LOL!!


This week it is mine.

-bro said...

Let me set the record straight. Ok I will say we tied last week because you did get the back end of a concrete rino correct even though you didn't know what a moth looks like. And the week before I won, Craig was of looking for you :)

As for the photo, this must have been taken at some wild party and it is one you do not want floating out there. Graig and I will keep it between us!! For sure!!

Maureen McHale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig Glenn said...


I was supposed to keep that photo to myself?!?


erase www.bugladygonewild.blogspot.com

there, we're good...


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Bro: are you by any chance causing trouble and posting photographs of me dancing on the table and were you spying on me? Are you paparazzi? These photographs are private and not to be shared with anyone least of all YKW. You know what he is like. Next thing they will be on CNN!!


WallaceMiddleSchool said...

What SAP said. I have had two glasses of wine and I am not safe to guess. I love this game, though.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Craig: www.bugladygonewild.blogspot.com

LOL!! You wish!! :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Tom: I figured out the blue .... it was the leaf which I rested the flower on, they are a blueish/green. :)

Pietro said...

Tom, I see a leaf in the first image. The others seem abstract compositions!

Mary said...

I like the photos, even if I didn't get in on the guessing :-)