Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Is It XIX

My World Post is right below.

Here are four finds, let us see how you do. This is a real mixture and only two are similar.

#1 You better put on your thinking cap.
#2 Have you seen this one around your area?
#3 And here is another one, what do you think.
#4 I hope this one is not too easy.
Have fun with your guess, a few are hard.


Shellmo said...

They are all hard! LOL! Is the first one the bottom of a wagon hitch? I'm clueless on the rest.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

MUCH too easy again Tom. The first one I can see is the springs and under carraige of my motorbike with those spikey wheels. The next two are colored blocks and the third, the tail feathers of Craig's dinosaur. There you are, easy as pie!! :)

Darla said...

I thought the bottom of a wagon as well for 1. The next two I can picture in my mind but do not know what they are called. I think I see them in the ground? Last looks like a fern unfurling.

Rose said...

For once I got here before a zillion people and the only one I know is the fern.

To be truthful, a wagon did cross my mind for the first one but really don't know. And the other two, I will ask my husband when he gets home. I feel like I should know them, but can't think.

Craig Glenn said...

Hi Tom,

1- undercarrage of a wagon

2 & 3 - Top of a fire plug

4 - Bean sprout

And last but not least! To Joan:

Craig Glenn

George said...

Tom, I don't know why I bother -- but here goes:

1) the underside of an old farm wagon
2) and 3) water shut-off valves, probably on a fire hydrant since they are painted pastel colors.
4) the sprout of a new fern

imac said...

1) back part of a trailor
2-3) Nuts - holding something together
4)Some plant opening-maybe a fern

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You are SO rude Craig!! LOL!! You know your answers are incorrect so why do you not give up right now.

I have to admit that you were on the right track on mine but only a few millions years out. LOL!!

Tom, you should ban people like this off your site. LOL!!

fishing guy said...

Hi All: Okay, #4 is a fern but what kind? That is part of the answer.
Craig: If you gave these ansers on Joan's site we wouldn't be know as the BS Team.

Gaelyn said...

1-coupler on a railcar
2-Boy and girl nut/bolts
3-fiddlehead fern

I'm probably wrong on the first two, but what the heck.

Warren Baker said...

1) underneath of front wagon.
2) and 3) some sort of winch needing a crank handle - maybe tennis net hieght adjuster ?
3) a Young Fern ?

Luke Wiley said...

2 and 3 are fire hydrants.

lailani said...

I enjoy checking out your game. I am not good at it, but I like it! The only one I think I know is the fiddlehead fern. My first thought was on #2 #3 was a propane tank maybe, but my son suggested bouys. Can't wait to see what the first one is - part of a pully thingy? Until tomorrow . . . Smiles!

SandyCarlson said...

I know the last photo is of fiddlehead. But the previous two have me stumped.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Boo and The Captain are trying to help me guess.
#1 Front of a wagon
#2&3 top of a fire hydrant
#4 fern sprouts