Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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Let's have some fun this week on What Is It. There are four today all from nature. That is my only clue.

#1 is very interesting.

#2 There is only one person who will get this one. It is a nice clear photo don't you think.

#3 Can you guess this one, no tricks involved?

#4 Put your thinking cap on for this one.

Have some fun, these are tough. I had to pay Joan back for her tough post yesterday, why did she have to fool me like that with those orange tails.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

No Tom....these are two easy for me again this week but I know Craig will not get them in a million years.

#1 The veins in you feet as shown on an X-Ray

#2 Why anyone can see this is a coffe cup. I did not know you grew your own Tom. VERY clever of you.

#3 Those whirly things you use to beat cream thick with, you just took the picture at such and angle that you cannot see the wires of it. Another clever move on your part.

#4 Another easy one - everyone knows diamonds come from coal and this is one in the making. It starts of with charcoal like this.

There, now prove me wrong if you can. LOL!!

Shellmo said...

#1 - back of some sort of leaf.

#2 - I think Darla will know this one.

#3 - no clue.

#4 - still clueless.

Tom said...

#1. Fungus?

#2 & 3- Sarracenia purpurea

#4- Some type of macrolichen. I was just out with my co-worker, an expert lichenologist, and he identified 12 species of lichen from one small hickory tree!

Darla said...

1. a fungus
2. sad Callas
3. back of a tulip

Beth Niquette said...

That first one looks like that wax they put on deli meats. I'm not sure about the rest. (Grin)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. You are a talented photographer yourself! I enjoyed your blog this morning.

Craig Glenn said...

Lets see Tom. I hope this is an honest game you are running here and not like that bug lady con game across the pond!

1. This is a great shot of the “Odyssey/White Rock” valley on the planet Mars. Must be some nice telescope you have there.

2. Thanks for pointing me out on this one. I know you have great confidence with my guessing ability. This is clearly a Big Mouth Canna lily, so named for their resemblance of the Big Mouth Bass. You can find a lot of information on these at bigmouthcannalily.com and even order plants from there.

3. Amorphophallus titanium. The common name is "Titan" because it grows so big. Another name is "Mr. Stinky" because when it blooms it emits an odor which exactly mimics those of rotting flesh. This putrid order attracts carrion beetles that pollinate the flower.

4. This my friends is the fossilized egg of the ancient flying reptile known as pterosaurs.

I hope this helps and feel free to contact me anytime you have some "tough" photo's to identify. I am not sure your readers know me or how many hours I have spent watching Discovery Channel.

Craig Glenn

Anonymous said...

Tom-geez there were HARD! seriously...
1. no clue, maybe a really close shot of a bug or worm
2.a climbing plant
3.back of a tulip
4.sand? maybe ash?

fishing guy said...

Hi All: There are some wild guess out the today. I was a little tricky on one thing when you check back tomorrow.
Joan: You are certainly taking some neat stabs in the dark.
Tom: Some really neat guesses.
Darla: The place for you to shine and you missed.
Craig: Okay, you got me laughing now. 1.I'm not even good at Moon shots. 2. Thanks for the fish callout. 3. This is going to surprise you, you are in the ballpark. 4. I'm glad the Discovery Channel is bringing you so much knowledge.
NLSM: All from nature and no clue, all I can say is I made it too hard.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Poor you Tom. Can't we ban someone off out sites? You know who I am talking about!! I wonder which 'lady across the pond' he is talking about? It is not someone in South Africa is it? I hope not or else he is going to get a fat lip from that same "lady" in a most un-ladylike way!! LOL!!

Here he goes giving all the wrong answers again when he knows mine are the only correst ones. Grrr!! Big mouth Canna Lily indeed! LOL!! LOL!!

I think next week when we play these games we will not tell him about it. Ha! Ha! Ha!!

Carletta said...

I think the first could be a closeup of a melon. 2 and 3 escape me and 4 might be a rock combo of concrete and asphalt.
Wild guesses....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

1. close-up of a Cantelope
2. looks like some dead flowers---maybe some kind of tulip or lily
3. back of a daylilly or lily or tulip
4. looks like sand and shells--making a road or sidewalk

Cloudia said...

Great & mysterious photos!
Very cool....

We've missed you around my Waikiki blog lately ;-)

Warren Baker said...

That first pic is intriguing, but I hav'nt a clue what it is FG

Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue. No good at guessing I guess. LOL

Voices from the past > http://bing-it.blogspot.com/

Janet, said...

Well, I can only guess at one. Photo #2 looks like a pitcher plant to me,it's one of those carnivorous plants.

Tipper said...

My only guess is for the first one-is it a cantelope? These are hard!

mkreider said...

This is my first visit to your blog... very, very nice. I too like to take photos of nature, flowers and the Bay and Sound where I live and fish. I expect to see many more fascinating posts in the future!

George said...

I have absolutely no idea, but I look forward to seeing your answers.

Tina said...

Welll, I think I will stop back for two reasons..one to see the answers and two to hear more about that enlarged lip situation!! lol.
FG, What have you started?

gracenme said...

#2 is sarracenia pupurea, pitcher plant. my mind is becoming old and not as sharp as it once was. should know #3, but the mind is a blank.

Jo Castillo said...

I haven't been around in ages and arrive to be stumped! I will come back for the answer. (We have been internet and telephone deprived for three days .. glad to be back.)

Denise said...

Errrr........number one, me before the mud pack.

number three back of a tulip.

Sorry, that's all I can come up with this time of night. I look forward to checking in tomorrow to see the answers.

EcoRover said...

Tendrils of mold, pitcher plant, red flower (duh...), sandstone or concrete?

Karen said...

Blimey !!!

1 ... Fungus growing on that yellow American cheese !!

2 ... A flycatcher plant ?? Looks evil..

3 ... Well ...it's a flower :-)

4 ... Ewwwwww ...it looks like it's got larvae in it. Part of a wasp nest or something??

Okays ... so I'm miles off .. again :-)

Shionge said...

I just know it is all fantastic shots :D

Jack and Joann said...

Fishing Guy, wow! This is amazing.

I'm glad I came by to see your photo puzzles and the crazy responses of your blog readers. I don't know---this could turn into an episode of the Jerry Springer show ala virtual blog time in which a fat lip is presented to somebody!

Holy smokes!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Payback has been really terrible this week Tom. I have had no sleep at all last night wondering what you have posted here. I am going to extract my revenge next week for sure. LOL!!

I think Carlette is right about the first one, that it is a melon skin. :)

Old Wom Tigley said...

I've read through your comments and really enjoyed them... I have no idea what the pictures are but I always enjoy these posts of yours.
Hope this finds you well my friend.:O)

My blogs: Wiggers World and Pictures & Words

Twisted Fencepost said...

I know I'm late. After I get done guessing I'll go over and see what I got right.
#1 cantelope skin
#2 dying hosta leaves
#3 no idea
#4 sand, or a close up of a ant hill.
Off I go to check my answers.