Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Is It - XX

My World Post is right below.

Here are three I took recently, all from nature again. Take your best guess.

#1 This has some interesting texture.
#2 This one is so easy, yea right.
#3 This one is the giveaway, I did noting with paintbrush to get the designs. What is it, plant name?
Have fun with your guesses.


Lanny said...

My brain has just experienced a cramp!

Corduroy for the uppermost.

Toadstool or mushroom or something of that nature.

And I went to say something with a "p" and out popped "pimpernel." Even though I know it is wrong I cannot seem to say anything pimpernel else so now I am going out to my garden to repeat pimpernel to myself all day long and drive myself pimpernel to the brink. And worst of pimpernel all the plant most likely does not start with a p. Pimpernel.

I wish I pimpernel had the hiccups instead.

Have a great day!

Darla said...

First : underside of a mushroom
Second: topside of a mushroom
Third: I don't know but I want one!

Janie said...

corduroy cusion
No idea!

Craver Vii said...

I see my first guess has already been taken, so I will guess a file for #1.

#2 looks like a blister. Ewwww.

No clue about the type of plant in #3. Or maybe you tricked us and it's an insect's wings??

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Tom, I am sorry I am late today but it is a publich holiday here and I went out this afternoon.

I wish you would start giving us difficult ones so that we need to put our thinking caps on.

#1 - well anywone can see this is the sleeve of your fishing jacket. I recognise the material it is made from as I had a waterproof one like that too.

#2 - you almost had me goig with this one as when I first saw it I thought it might be that Starfish I have been looking for for so long but on closer examination I can see it is a oddlyformed pancake. Sometimes when I am in a hurry, mine come out looking like this too.

#3 was a real surprise. I did not know you had those dragons there, I thought they only were found in Australia. Those blothes on it are quite distinctive as they get them when they become older.

So you see, once again, I got them all right and I hope you are going to give me a lot of applause for being so clever. :)


Karen said...

1 ... wire on a spool

2 ... Toadstool ?

3 ... I know ..it's a leaf !!! :-)

I think I got #3 half right :-)

Rajesh said...

My guesses
1. Pipe
2. mushroom
3. leaf

Warren Baker said...

Second one looks like a mushroom head from above. The first maybe a Feather! the thirs I have no clue!!

Carver said...

Number 1 - car seat

Number 2 - coffee filter

Number 3 - leaf

Well, I tried but no doubt am way off base.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

1. corduroy sofa
2. mushroom
3. leaf of some kind of hosta maybe????


SandyCarlson said...

I can't imagine. The first one makes me think of the arm of a chair, though. The second, of part of a flower. The third, light filtered through stained glass?

Ebie said...

The first one looks like a seat cover (nature...cotton) giggles; the second one mushroom, the third a leaf don't know which kind!

Tom said...

Tom- I've been noticing #3 in the woods this year, I think that an insect or some other pest causes the certain portions of the leaves of Podophyllum peltatum, or mayapple to yellow. It creates a really interesting pattern.


EcoRover said...

I would have guessed corduroy, sand dollar, and blight on a leaf. Is corduroy natural? I know a guy moved to Montana and raised up a good crop of dental floss, but not sure 'bout corduroy.

Gina said...

1. the top of a lounge (sofa)
2. looking down onto a toadstool
3. spinach leaves

:) :) :)

Carletta said...

Is corduroy natural? :)

1. Doesn't look like nature. We'll all go Duh! when you tell us.
Looks also like an old garden hose. Definitely looks like fiber.Cloth for your flower beds?
2. A mushroom or a morning glory.
3. I think Tom is right that this is Mayapple with the rust fungus on it.

Rose said...

I thought corduroy too and mushroom was the first thing that crossed my mind for the second, but for some reason I don't think that is really what it is...and I thought mayapple for the third also.

Pietro said...

Fishing Guy, I like very much your posts What is it?, but I'm not good in guessing! However I can say the pictures are beautiful!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

I think this is the top of mushroom !! Am i right !! This is great one...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

Luke Wiley said...

Thought provoking!

Thumbelina said...

I'm just in time I reckon -
#1 - is it corduroy? A sofa back?
#2 - a mushroom head photographed from above.
#3 - no idea.
But was fun trying!